Vegetables, fruits prices increase in local markets

PESHAWAR (APP): The last Ashra of Ramadan is almost over, but the people could not get relief as the prices of fruits and vegetables increased with every passing day.
The prices of fruits and vegetables in Ramadan are still beyond the reach of the people as there is no Sunday market in the city, the citizens are forced to buy vegetables and fruits at expensive prices. The officials of the district administration also failed to keep a check on the increase of prices of fruits and vegetables, a woman of a family of six, said.
“I do not know where the officials of the govt who are claiming to keep a vigilant check on the prices in the markets,” she added. The rates would increase further because of the increase of fuel prices overnight, she said.
Everything is now beyond the reach of the people. “I do not know why people are coming to the street against such an increase in the prices,” she questioned.
The prices of Adrak increased to Rs. 700 per kg, garlic Rs. 360 and lemon 280 rupees per kg while Peas 140, Arvi 180, Zucchini 70, Karela 70 and Onion 80 per kg are being sold. The price of green chilli 100, tomato 50 and okra per kg will reach 170 rupees.
The prices of fruits also increased sharply as Malta 440, Cano 340 and banana 280 rupees per dozen while pomegranate 400, Iranian apple 410, guava 270 and grape 480 rupees, strawberries 220, Melon 100 and loquat 220 rupees per kg. The price of live chicken has increased to Rs 360 per kg.