Venezuelan crisis

There are no indications that political crisis that started in Venezuela last year is to end due to President Maduro actions to undermine democracy. Then US sanctions has crippled its oil rich economy, bringing miseries for the people. The US imposed sanctions on Monday on a Chinese Electronic Imports and Exports firm. The company is exporting such tools to Venezuela, which the despotic President Maduro regime will use for surveillance of citizens on the internet.

Popular opposition leader Juan Gaido is locked in leadership struggle with President Nicholas Maduro since last year. The opposition leader had led several protest rallies on the streets of Carcass. The president has made an excessive use of riot police. The opposition believes that parliamentary elections scheduled for December 6 will not be free and fair under the illegitimate government. Then opposition leader Juan Guadio has declared himself as acting president. However, by using brute force president Maduro has so far managed to stay in power, while Guaido has maintained the pressure on him. The long political deadlock between the president and opposition has resulted in humanitarian crisis in the country. There is shortage of food commodities, medicines and electricity. Five million Venezuelans have fled the country. Those who remain face disease and starvation because of food and medicinal shortages. International humanitarian organisations have condemned the situation. Whether the US succeeds to force Maduro from power or not, poor Venezuelans are paying a very high price of economic sanctions.

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