Victim of domestic violence calls for justice

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FARYAB: Laal Bibi, 17, is an Afghan woman who sustained serious injuries from beatings and torture, allegedly from her husband and in-laws, when she was living in Faryab. She has been in Kabul for the past twenty days receiving treatment for her wounds but she is still suffering from malnourishment and her wounds require more long-term and more advanced treatment. She has vowed never to return to her husband’s house, and is entreating the Afghan police and courts to provide her justice.

The medical team who is now undertaking her treatment has said that she is not in a stable psychological condition.

“His (my husband’s) mother was asking him to beat me. They tied my hands and were beating my feet with cables,” said Laal Bibi.

“I will finalize her divorce at any cost. It is a tradition in our area–a girl is married only at the age of 16 or 17,” said the victim’s father, Fateh Khan.

“We will undertake the process of her visa and passport once she has become a little more stable. She is too young. There is a chance of infection here and her wounds need to be cured in a better hospital,” said Sabira Safai, a member of Women for Women Network.

Laal Bibi was initially transferred from Faryab provincial hospital to Kabul twenty days ago.

According to doctors, there are serious wounds on her body and it will not be possible to undertake better medical procedures in Afghanistan.

They have suggested transferring her abroad.

Her husband was apparently detained by the Taliban in Ghormach district of Faryab.(TOLOnews)