Victims of flooding in Parwan request emergency aid

KABUL (Tolonews): Victims of recent floods in Parwan criticized the government and aid institutions and said that they have been living in tents for three months and have not received any help.
They said hat floods have destroyed their houses, and they are not financially able to rebuild them.
Abdul Wahab is one of the victims of the recent flooding in Parwan, and he lost his sister and three of his relatives due to the floods.
Wahab said they live in a tent, and the coming winter will be difficult.
“It gets very cold at night and our children get cold, we have to stay here,” said Abdul Wahab, a victim.
“Our village was destroyed completely by flooding, and we lost our grandmother,” said Ahmadullah, a victim.
“They don’t let us stay here either, they tell us to leave, we are not from America, we are from Shinwari,” said Bi Bi Rahima, a victim.
The floods victims said that floods have taken everything from them and they do not even have shelter and they asked the government and aid institutions for help.
“Our children become sick because of cold weather, there is no fuel,” said Bi Bi Roqya.
“It has been three months that we have been here, and our houses are destroyed, no one helps us here,” said Baaz Mohammad, a flood victim.
Meanwhile, local officials in Parwan said that more than 200 families now live in tents.
“We helped these victims of flood; we gave cash and non-cash donations; we want aid institution’s attention for these victims.
According to officials’ figures, in the recent flooding 30 people died and 100 were wounded and more than 100 houses were destroyed, and hundreds of acres of agricultural land has also been lost.