Vienna meeting to discuss Afghanistan’s future: Afghan political figures congregate in Austria

VIENNA, Austria (Khaama Press): Political adversaries of the Taliban have gathered in Vienna, the capital of Austria, for a three-day meeting, behind closed doors, to discuss the current situation in Afghanistan and resistance against the Taliban.
At least 31 Afghan political figures and civil activists were invited to the meeting, according to preliminary knowledge acquired by Khaama Press; however, some of them were unable to attend the first day due to personal or visa-related reasons.
On Thursday the first day of the Vienna meeting, was held behind closed doors with strict security measures in the Bruno Kriesky Forum, a “forum for dialogue”, in Vienna.
A report is reportedly going to be made public at the conclusion of this three-day meeting, which is themed “Coordination for the Future of Afghanistan” and will continue for two more days. Figures such as Ahmad Masood, the leader of the National Resistance Front, Dr. Spanta and Zalmai Rasool, the former Ministers of Foreign Affairs, Said Tayeb Jawad and Mahmoud Saikal, former diplomats, Fawzia Koofi and Shukria Barekzai, former members of the lower house of the parliament are among those who participated the Vienna meeting.
This is the first gathering of anti-Taliban politicians to discuss a solution to the ongoing situation in Afghanistan that has been hosted by a western country.
The Austrian Institute of International Affairs, the Bruno Kriesky Forum, and the Austrian Research and Development Organization are also hosting this meeting, which is being moderated by prominent Austrian politician, Wolfgang Petristch.
The United Nations Office at Vienna (UNOV), according to a previous story by Khaama Press, was named as the event’s host. However, it is now clear that the UN is not hosting the meeting. Khaama Press offers its sincere apologies to its readers.