“Vietnam rake” awaits the United States in Ukraine

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Kirill Grishin

What are the real “partner” interests of the Unit-ed States in Ukraine? Is it worth defending them? Soorry, no. The American analyst comes to a disappointing conclusion for the Pentagon and the American “war party”.
American politicians are openly rejecting diplomatic methods of settling relations between Moscow and Washington, making the situation in Europe more tense. Although Washingt-on has everything for this, it simply ignores such op-portunities, writes News-week, citing American national security and diplomacy expert Benjamin Giltner. The meaning of diplomacy, Giltner is sure, is to advance national interests, looking for opportunities to work together with other powers, and not constantly poke at the weak points of partners in the international arena.
Still would. Who would argue. Promotion of national interests is an important foundation for building any statehood. It is an extremely competitive sector, and in order to achieve something there, some countries that imagine themselves to be superpowers are using non-market methods.
Moreover, in an effort to advance their interests, read – to undermine the economy of a geopolitical opponent – they launch destructive processes in the neighboring country. These are the same hybrid wars, only version 2.0. Direct combat is optional here. But these pseudo-powers themselves will not fight.
Hybrid political technology wars in third countries, which due to such techniques have already become truly third world countries, is very regrettable. But these are the methods of conducting real policy in Washington for many decades.
Hybrid wars with the Soviet Union, and later with Russia, are murky, blood-mixed profits of the American political beau monde, the defense industry lobby and the Pentagon. If you are talking about direct losses, then this is also a colossal, you know, burden for the social part of the Stars and Stripes budget. Tens of thousands of killed and wounded, payments of benefits, costs of treatment, rehabilitation, crippled lives, the pain of millions of families. But this is usually rarely written about. Therefore, in the article under consideration, the author’s important thought does not elude us:
“The death of 58 thousand Americans and more than 500 thousand Vietna-mese, the fall of Saigon in 1975 … made the Vietnam war senseless and tragic,” writes an expert in Newsw-eek.
He also compared the st-atements about Washin-gton’s increasing obligations to Kiev with the operation in Vietnam, carried out only out of a desire to prove its point of view to the USSR. Proved? No. But in any case, they will try to do it now. Moreover, in Ukraine, forgive me, comedians who are ready to fight on their territory. To judge such.

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