Views of Kabul residents
regarding Doha deal

KABUL (TOLOnews): On the third anniversary of the signing of the Doha Agreement, the residents of Kabul have diverse views on the matter.
Some of them believe that the country has benefitted from this agreement, while others say that women’s rights have been restricted as a result of signing this pact.
“It had a good aspect, that the country was freed from the occupation of other countries, but the problem it created for us is that universities closed, and many of our cadres fled the county,” said Numan, another resident of Kabul.
“It does not mean that it brought peace, and everything is alright: people are dying of poverty,” Shukrullah, another resident of Kabul told TOLOnews.
According to other residents of the capital, following the reestablishment of the Islamic Emirate and the signing of the Doha Agreement, restrictions on women have increased.
“Following the signing of the Doha Agreement, women have been deprived of education and they cannot study, universities and schools are closed, people are facing many challenges, women face much more difficulty,” said Husna Raufi, a student.
“The closure of schools and universities poses a very significant obstacle to women’s educational and employment rights,” said Rona, a capital resident.