Vikram Bhatt says if I work with Kangana Ranaut, I have to work as a clapper boy

Vikram Bhatt says if I work with Kangana Ranaut, I have to work as a clapper boy

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ISLAMABAD: Filmmaker Vikram Bhatt has spoken about the outspoken nature of Kangana Ranaut in a recent interview. He has stated that if the two unite for a film, he would have to work as a clapper boy and has also given reasons for the same.

In an interview with Navbharat Times, when asked about this, Bhatt said, “Kangana now directs films herself. I will not say that I won’t work with her but what I will do? If I work with her, then I have to give the clap during the shoot and work as a clapper boy because Kangana writes the story herself and also directs the films herself.”

When asked about her outspoken nature, the Raaz director had this to say, “There are some people who keep their thoughts to themselves, do not tell anyone. On the other hand, some people are vocal about their opinions and Kangana is among them. This is independent India. How can someone be stopped from saying what they want to?”

He added, “But definitely, if you annoy someone, they will react to it and one should be prepared to face the reactions and the consequences. If you throw a loose ball then someone will definitely hit a six. If you make political statements then people will also play politics with you.”

Bhatt has directed a lot of films under the banner of Vishesh Films and Ranaut has worked with the production house too. When the filmmaker was asked about how she was while working with the company, he stated, “I did not work with Mahesh Bhatt Sahab for a few years because of mutual differences. I returned to the Bhatt camp during the film Raaz 3.”

He added, “It happened that when I left the Bhatt camp, around the same time Kangana acted in several movies of Vishesh films like Gangster, Woh Lamhe among others. So, I have no idea how Kangana was when she worked with Vishesh Films.”

Bhatt is known for films like Ghulam, Kasoor, Raaz, Awara Paagal Deewana, Deewane Hue Paagal, 1920, Haunted 3D, Raaz: The Third Dimension, Creature 3D, and more recently, Ghost and Hacked.

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