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Vilnius will send request to US for CIA’s prisoner compensation

Written by The Frontier Post

VILNIUS (TASS): Lithuania will request the United States to obtain the necessary documents for the payment of compensation awarded by the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) to a Palestinian held in a secret CIA prison, which, according to international authorities, was on Lithuanian territory. Representative of the Ministry of Justice of the Baltic Republic Richard Dzikovich told reporters about this on Monday.
“In order to settle accounts with the applicant’s lawyer and themselves, it is necessary that the lawyer’s power of attorney be legalized for international use by the issuing party, that is, the United States, where we will apply to carry out this legal procedure,” he said.
The representative of the department expressed bewilderment that the lawyer, who received the power of attorney of her client to represent his financial interests, has not yet legalized this document for international use. “Therefore, we ourselves will apply to the United States and immediately after receiving confirmation we will be able to pay compensation,” Dzikovich said.
Lithuania does not recognize that there was a secret CIA prison on its territory, although the European Court of Human Rights satisfied the claim for gross violation of hum-an rights of the allegedly detained Palestinian Zayn al-Abidin Mohammed Hussein, also known by the nickname Abu Zubeid.
Nevertheless, Vilnius agreed to pay the applicant the compensation appointed by the ECHR in the amount of € 100 thousand and another € 30 thousand to pay his lawyer for legal costs.

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