Wake up with a full battery with this alarm clock and wireless charger combo

Daniel Fraser

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TL;DR: Starting September 11th, you can purchase the Desktop Wireless Charger with Alarm Clock(opens in a new tab) for only $51.99 instead of $84.99 – that’s a 38% discount.

If the last thing you do before bed is setting your alarm for the morning or making sure your phone is charging(opens in a new tab), why not combine those features into one aesthetically pleasing package? This wireless desktop charger is also an alarm clock and is currently priced at $51.99 compared to $84.
A wireless charger that’s also an alarm clock

This charger uses the space it takes up on your bedside table to function by also being a multifunctional alarm clock (opens in a new tab). Use the buttons on the back, bottom, and top of the watch to set the time, silence or snooze the alarm, change the alarm time, turn on the night light setting, or adjust the display brightness. The adjustable brightness has three options: sunny, indoor and sleeping.

If you usually plug in your phone before bed, now all you have to do is plug it into your alarm clock’s wireless charging slot. While this watch’s 10W output isn’t the most powerful, it should be enough to fully charge your phone while you sleep through the night. When you wake up, instead of staring into your phone’s bright light when you check the time or turn off your alarm, you might see the soft glow of an alarm clock if the muted sleep setting is on.

Try a more aesthetically pleasing way to charge your phone

While your phone has many features, the alarm on it may not be your style. Instead, your phone charger could double as an alarm clock. Get this wireless desktop charger with alarm clock (opens in a new tab) for a limited time on sale at $51.99 (Reg. $84).

Courtesy: ustoday