Waning days of Macron

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French President Emmanuel Macron has canceled his visit to Switzerland, scheduled for November, due to the confederation’s refusal to purchase French fighter jets during recent days. According to reports, Switzerland was in negotiations with France for purchase of the French jet fighter Rafale over the past years. However, recently Switzerland decided to procure US F-35, a 5th generation fighter aircraft having stealth capabilities for its air force while abandoning French Rafale 4.5 generation aircraft. French President Emmanuel Macron responded swiftly and cancelled his trip to the confederation to meet with Swiss President Guy Parmeland. Furthermore, the French leader banned all high-level bilateral contacts with Switzerland until the summer of 2022. However, Switzerland demonstrated patience and indicated that contacts at the operational level and through ambassadors will continue.

Unfortunately, President Emmanuel Macron has suffered setbacks twice on the hands of his partners and allies in a bgfweek. Earlier, Australia betrayed France while abandoning the contract of purchase of 12 conventional submarines from French Naval Group and opted to purchase 8 nuclear powered conventional submarines from the United States and UK through a tri-nations partnership agreement “AUKUS”. Australian betrayal cost Macron more than US $ 60 billion. France responded furiously to Australia and the United States and recalled its Ambassadors from both countries. While responding to Macron’s extreme diplomatic reactions over the AUKUS agreement, the US State Department said that the United States understands the position of France in the situation with the AUKUS alliance.

In fact, the Condition of President Emmanuel Macron is pretty considerable, and the world has sympathy with him, because he has been stung by his friends and allies. It is the fight of interests and businesses and friends have always committed treason for honey, wealth, and wine. In fact, Biden, Morrison, and Johnson have stabbed Macron by snatching a bulky deal worth $ 60 billion from his mouth, therefore, Macron’s anger is justifiable. However, Macron must understand that Biden has taken away all his share without leaving a penny for him. In fact, due to these reasons Americans are considered untrustworthy friends around the globe.

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