War displaces hundreds of families in Qilla Zaal

Monitoring Desk

KUNDUZ: Clashes between the Afghan forces and Taliban have forced hundreds of families to leave their homes in Qilla Zaal district in Kunduz.

Gunfight has intensified in Qilla Zaal district over the past two days. According to local residents, people have left their homes and moved towards the desert between Kunduz and Qilla Zaal.

A tribal elder, Muhammad Ibrahim Turkman told Afghan Islamic Press (AIP) most of the people have migrated from Aaqt Tepa area due to fierce gunfight between the Afghan forces and Taliban.

About 600 families had left their homes, leaving behind properties and cattle, he said. The government and relief agencies have not provided any assistance to the displaced people so far.

Most of the people have moved to Aabdan desert. However, some of them have taken shelter in Kunduz city, he said.

Meanwhile, chairman of Kunduz repatriation affairs Abdul Salam Hashimi confirmed that about 400 families had left their homes in Qilla Zaal district.

The survey of displaced people was difficult, he said. He, however, added they were striving to complete the process of survey after which assistance would be provided to the affected families.

The Taliban attacked Qilla zaal district bazaar the other day. Both the sides are unable to put complete control over the area so far.

According to Taliban, their fighters have captured the district bazaar as a result of spring offensive ‘Al-Khandaq’. However, the officials of Afghan National Army 209 Shaheen military corps said the commando troops had recaptured the district bazaar. The Taliban have retreated to far away areas after suffering heavy casualties.

Earlier, hundreds of families had left their homes due to gunfight in Aqtash district of Kunduz. They have received some assistance. However, most of them complain that nothing has been given to them so far.