Warmonger India

Naseebullah Achakzai

The wishful dream of Asian hegemony has brought India on the brink of internal destruction. Its lust for military ascendancy is providing fuel to the already pathetic social indicators. The price of defence spending, its interference in the affairs of neighbouring countries and its policy of encirclement of China and Pakistan is being paid by the people of India, majority of whom are on the mercy of poverty, hunger, unemployment, illiteracy and piteous health care system.

 Warmonger India is the third biggest state in the world in terms of military spending. According to the Stockholm international peace research institute (SIPRI), during 2019, India spent 71.1 Billion US dollar on defence. This ample amount of spending has affected the Human development and Social indicators in the country. For instance, the rank of India in Human development index (HDI) in 2019 was 129 out of 189. Currently, its unemployment rate is 5.36% which is one of the highest in the world.

Moreover, India is one of the poorest states in the world. In 2019 its poverty rank was 49th in the world. 22 per cent of its total population which mean that 227 million citizens are below poverty line. In addition to that, poverty-ridden state has resulted in the business and legality of Prostitution and increase in crime.

According to a recent estimate, 10 million known sex workers in total 275,000 brothels are the part of this industry. The trade of Nepalese sex slave workers is carried there. Poverty has further resulted in hunger in the state. The number of India in hunger index rate is 97 out of 118.

Also, according to UNICEF, because of poverty, 23 million children are dropped out from schools. The UNICEF further enunciate that the sanitation, hygiene and access to pure water drinking are grave issues in the state.

According to its report, 450 million people have no access to toilet in India. And, less than 50 per cent of the total population has access to pure drinking water. This is the real face of shining India.

The situation of education and health is also dismal, 22 per cent of schools have no toilets while 56 per cent of schools have no water facility. In addition to that, millions of students are out of schools due to poverty as India spends only 3% of GDP on this sector. 25 million children have never been to schools and there is dearth of ten lac teachers too. More, there are 1 lac schools with a single teacher. The gross enrolment rate of female in primary education is pathetic that is 27 out of 100. The situation of health care system is bleak too. There is only one doctor available for 11083 patients. This ratio is 25 times higher than the WHO, s standard. 46.6 million children are stunted. The neonatal mortality rate is 24 deaths per 1000 while 86 per cent of under 5 age of children are dying due to malnutrition. Despite this, a quarter of women are malnourished in shining India, where only 1.28% of its GDP is disbursed on healthcare.

Inequality, gender discrimination, racism, human rights violations and separatism are engulfing the so called secular state. According to the OXFAM, women in workforce in India get 34% fewer wages than male.

In the field of politics, only 12 per cent of women are part of parliament. Moreover, only 39 per cent of adult female reach to secondary school as compared to the male ratio which is 63 per cent.

Also, every third woman in India faces sexual or physical violence in one hour, while every third woman is raped after every three minutes. This has made India one of the dangerous states for women. In gender bias ranking Indian ranking is 122 out of 162, while the rank of India in gender equality index is 95 out of 129 countries. The racist policies of Hindutva have deteriorated the lives of Minorities like Muslims, Sikhs, the African Students and the schedule cast. The Indian fascist state has been violating human rights time and again.

In 2018, it is estimated that 40000 crimes were reported to police  by the scheduled class. People are tortured, killed and blackmailed to adopt Hinduism.

The controversial citizenship act has deprived Muslims from their rights. Human Rights Watch has repeatedly confirmed human rights violation of Indian state against the people of Kashmir. Moreover, freedom of expression has been a dream there. Recently a Kashmiri journalist Shuja Hussain was martyred. A women journalist was arrested in Tamil Naidu by calling Mr.Modi as Hitler and Fascist. Myriad of tribal leaders have been tortured and killed in Ahmadabad.

The inequality of income gap is on peak. According to Oxfam, only 1% of Indians possess 58% of the wealth of India while 10 per cent has 89.7 per cent of Indian wealth. Professor Himanshua of Jawahar Lal Nehru University opines that what is practically worrying India’s case is that economic inequality is being added to a society that is already fractured along the lines of caste, religion, region and gender. These all are the black mottles on the face of Fascist and a so called Secular India.

Separatist movements in India are in full swing. These movements are the outcome of Indian governments brutalities, deprivation and inequalities. There are about 135 separatist movements in India. From Kashmir to Darjeeling, from Khalistan to Naxalite, from Uther Pradesh to Arunchal, from Nagaland to Mani por, from Mizram to Assam, many organizations are challenging the Writ of Indian government. Many of them want and struggle for self-rule and self-determination. These movements are the result of the prolong barbarous policies of Hindu Centric governments, which are creating real danger for the very existence of this fascist state. The irony is, despite these internal threats and piteous situation of the people, Indian leaders are in the state of chimera to become the hegemonic and sole authority in Asia.

To achieve its vicious goals, India is concentrating on military might and has set aside the development and prosperity of its own people. She has tried to encircle China and Pakistan with the help of the USA and other allies. For this purpose, the interference of Indian government in China, (in the particular case of Tibet), Pakistan and Nepal, has become the prime aim and priority of Indian governments.

As far as Pakistan is concerned, the Indian enmity is clear and the arrest of Kulbhoshan is the example of Indian intervention in Pakistan so that to destabilise Pakistan and damage the CPEC, in order to accelerate its wishful desire of dominance over the region.

No country can reach to the zenith of glory until and unless its people are developed, tranquil and prosper. The fragile relations of India with its neighbours and intervening into their affairs cannot fulfil the Indian dream of becoming Asian Tiger. This daydreaming and its frail internal situation could be a nightmare for India itself. This warmonger policy and Utopian dream will lead India towards more obliteration.

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