Watchdog ractical Steps Needed to Reduce Violence

Watchdog: “Practical Steps” needed to reduce violence

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KABUL: As the conflict intensifies in different parts of the country, the Afghanistan Independent Human Rights (AIHRC) says civilians are the main victims of the war in Afghanistan and that the Taliban should take practical steps to reduce violence.

Figures by the National Security Council (NSC) indicate that 16 provinces of the country have witnessed 284 attacks by the Taliban in the last seven days.

The NCS claims that civilians have also been harmed in these attacks, but it did not provide details.

Statistics by AIHRC show that 86,823 civilians were killed and wounded in 2019 in Afghanistan.

“We call specifically on the Taliban to take practical steps to reduce violence,” said Zabihullah Farhang, head of the media office of AIHRC.

Meanwhile, as peace efforts are underway by the Afghan government, Kabul this week hosted a four-day meeting on peace in which representatives of 20 countries and international organizations attended.

Peace activists said hopes remain high as there has been a slight change in the country’s situation after the signing of the peace deal between the US and the Taliban late in February.

“We made people aware they could ask: Why this war anymore? It is very clear that the war is now among Afghans,” said Iqbal Khyber, head of the People’s Peace Movement.

“The Taliban is not going to reduce violence for the next four months. The reason is that they have no idea about their fate with the deal they signed with the US until the US elections,” said Tariq Farhadi, former presidential adviser.

But a Taliban spokesman has claimed that the attacks initiated by the group have reduced by 60 percent.

In the US-Taliban deal, the Taliban committed to not attack cities and highways in the country.

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