Water crisis in Pakistan

As we know that “many have lived without love but no one without water”. Water is one of the precious natural resources in the world. It has a great significance for both living and non living things.

Unfortunately it is becoming a hot potato among countries due to its scarcity. Particularly in Pakistan, the situation is quite alarming.  Although Almighty Allah has blessed it teeming with abundant resources but when it come towards water, due to many reasons Pakistan facing water crisis according to World Bank report. In Pakistan 5000 cubic meters per capita water was available in 1950 but now it has been fallen to merely 1940 cubic meters per capita .as we also know that without water life surviving is not possible because water is the most important for surviving life. As we know that in 2018 1 billion or more than 1 billion people wake up every morning with zero access to clean water sources. And in this way in the whole would millions of people do not drink,cook,or bathe with clean water. Because of lack of clean and save water 3.4 million people die each year from scarce and contaminated water sources. while on the other hand many women and children spend a lot of time each day collecting water from different polluted sources. So for this problem we should build up more and more dams as soon as possible for clean and save water and in this way.

Nadia Khan