Water shortage amid scorching heat hit several areas in Zhob

Water shortage amid scorching heat hit several areas in Zhob

Rafiullah Mandokhail

ZHOB: Residents of various parts of Zhob city are experiencing an acute shortage of drinking water amid scorching heat. Several areas remained without water for the last few weeks. The situation is aggravating with each passing day. But the officials are clueless.

Anger and frustration over the acute water shortage force the people to come to the streets and protest against the authorities concerned.

Scorching heat and power outages have multiplied the woes of the people, disrupting the water supply all over the city.

The people regretted perennial water shortage during summer, when water consumption increased manifold and silence of the authorities concerned over this long-standing grievance of masses.

“The Public Health Engineering Department (PHE) officials taking no interest in resolving our problem despite several complaints lodged with them time to time”, said Hyder Jamal resident of Jail Road.

The residents of other parts of the city said that in the absence of piped water, they were using unhygienic stagnant water at considerable risk to their health. Dwellers of Nasarabad muhalla complained that an acute water shortage had been persisting for the last two months but PHE officials have not yet bothered to restore normal supply to their area, despite complaints being lodged with them numerous times.

“We don’t have even a single drop of water at home to drink, as PHE couldn’t provide water, adding there is no option but to protest”, Sheikh Ashraf Mandokhail a social worker said.

The PHE and QESCO officials could not imagine the miseries that the masses are passing through due to water shortage, he added.

People have demanded of the authorities concerned to take immediate notice and ensure fluent water supply.

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