Water transfer to Kabul: Domestic company ready to invest in Panjshir

KABUL (Agencies): The Acting Industry and Commerce Minister, Nooruddin Azizi, met with Sayed Mohammad Toqeer, a representative of Habib Gulzar a domestic Company.
A representative of the Habib Gulzar Group Company said that the company is ready to invest in the transfer of Panjshir sea water to Kabul, according to the Ministry statement.
Meanwhile, the company pledged to bring (Nestle) a manufacturing branch of their companies to Afghanistan, the statement added.
For his part, Minister Azizi welcomed the company’s enthusiasm for investing in the country and stressed addressing the challenges of the mentioned company.
An estimated cost of $3 million was measured for the transfer of this river water to Kabul, which can meet the needed potable water of Kabul residents.