WCCI President visits overseas business forum

Anees Takar

MARDAN: Aqeela Sumbal, the President of the Women Chamber of Commerce and Industry, recently embarked on a special journey alongside prominent businessman Fazal Rahman Hashmi and other associates to visit the Women Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

During this occasion, President Aqeela Sumbal warmly welcomed all the incoming guests to the Women Chamber of Commerce and Industry, extending her gratitude for their presence. Fazal Rahman Hashmi, a well-known figure in the Overseas Business Forum Australia, distributed financial aid to the underprivileged members of the Women Chamber.

On this occasion, Aqeela Sumbal shed light on the goals and objectives of the Women Chamber of Commerce and Industry, while also raising awareness about the challenges faced by the chamber. She emphasized the need for exploring new opportunities for businesswomen in Mardan, the second-largest city in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

Mardan’s talented women possess skills in various domestic crafts, including embroidery, sewing, handicrafts, pickles, sauces, jams, beverages, and innovative clothing designs. They are actively engaged in trade and business activities, playing a significant role in the economic development and prosperity of the nation.

Aqeela Sumbal believes that empowering women in the business sector is crucial not only for economic growth but also for addressing the issues of poverty, unemployment, and rising inflation in Pakistan. She appealed to the present government to provide interest-free loans to female entrepreneurs from low-income backgrounds so they can start their businesses with dignity, support their families, and contribute to the nation’s prosperity.

Furthermore, Fazal Rahman Hashmi, from the Overseas Business Forum Australia, expressed his commitment to collaborating and providing valuable assistance to the Women Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Aqeela Sumbal’s visit, along with the support of Fazal Rahman Hashmi, signifies a positive step towards enhancing economic opportunities for women entrepreneurs in Mardan. By empowering women economically, Pakistan can move forward on the path of progress and development.