‘We are savages and natives for them’

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Alexander Sargin

Russian President Vladimir Putin is smarter than most politicians in the US and other countries, said Harald Malmgrem, a former adviser to US Presi-dents John F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon.
Earlier, Assistant to the President of the United States for National Security Jake Sullivan noted that it is “impossible to know” what Putin is thinking. “We can’t settle in the head of some world leader, there are always limits to what we know or not,” he complained.
“It is clear that the West has always been afraid of the mysterious Russian so-ul,” political scientist Serg-ey Mikheev reminded “A-N” , “they tried to explore it, but they could not and still cannot “calculate”. U-nfortunately, over the past few decades, we ourselves have been proving to them that we are as calculated as they are, which, in my opi-nion, showed our weakne-ss, since our opponents al-ways thought of us that we are second- or third-class people “.
According to the political scientist, since we de-clared ourselves to be such, our Western “partners” were not afraid, and over the past 30 years they were “not afraid of anyone” at all. In fact, “thanks to ourselves,” the same America-ns, as they say, have lost th-eir scent, the expert belie-ves. From here came all this talk about the “Upper Volta with missiles”, about the “cartoons” that Putin sho-wed during his message to the Federal Assembly in 2018, etc., the newsmaker noted. The day before, Rus-sian Deputy Foreign Minis-ter Sergei Ryabkov said that “total anti-Russian hysteria” now reigns in the US Congress, and there is abs-olutely no support for those undertakings that relate to “improving relations with Moscow.” “We are savages and natives for them,” continues Mikheev , “however, these“ natives ”have nuclear and hypersonic weapons. So let the US now rack their brains, turn on their calculators and try to “calculate” us. But if we again become like them, then we will be deceived again – and there can be no illusions on this score.
Meanwhile, Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov stressed the day before that our patience had come to an end! “We are very patient, you know that we harness for a long time. We harnessed for a very long time, now it’s time for us to go , ”concluded the head of the Russian Foreign Ministry.
Now, when we began to talk to them in a completely different way and we got something that they cannot understand in any way (and what they are not capable of), they have some kind of confusion, and even fear, Mikheev noted . In his opinion, our American “partners” today already want to see our predictability – primarily in order to ensure their security.
“It’s very good that the Americans can’t understand what’s in Putin’s head,” the political scientist continues, “because if they knew the answer to this question, they wouldn’t be afraid of us at all! But not only do they not know what is in the head of the president, they also cannot understand what is in the heads of all of us.” To be honest, I don’t know what’s in the head of the President of Russia either, but I think it’s something good, Sergei Mikheev summed up in a conversation with AN.

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