We are under a great attack. They are openly threatening us… So what, are we going to surrender?

Ibrahim Karagul

They are openly threatening us. U.S. President Donald Trump is making threats, his helpers are making threats, his finance circles are making threats, his defense circles are making threats, and his foreign affairs circles are making threats. The U.S. administration has launched the fourth leg of the war it started with Russia, China and Iran with Turkey.
Everybody, every group, those secret headquarters that attacked this country on July 15, 2016, that crushed our people under tanks, sprayed bullets and brought this country to the brink of civil war and invasion have once again taken action today.
They are attacking Turkey all together. This is an economic war. This is an operation to make Turkey collapse, kneel and surrender in economy. But this is not a matter limited to Pastor Andrew Brunson. It is also not something limited to release the Fetullah Terror Organization (FETÖ) members, who are men of the U.S. intelligence inside the country.
The issue is not limited to Brunson, there is a great struggle happening…
This is also a political attack. It is also the entire U.S. administration and its close allies taking action to “stop Turkey.” This is the implementation of the agenda to complete the task they left undone on July 15.
This is an attempt to openly strike Turkey, which they could not make kneel, silence, isolate in the region and prevent from growing and strengthening.
This is an attempt to punish Turkey, which has turned its focus toward the rising powers of Asia, which refuses to be oppressed by the U.S. and EU, which started a new rising period after a century, and which has started playing in the league of the big guns in the global power shift.
The US has become a threat for the whole world
This is the attempt to take revenge from Turkey, which, after the Seljuks, the Ottomans and the Republican era, carried the continuity of states to a new age, which made history all over again and changed it.
This is the Turkey leg of the U.S., which has become isolated, and the more isolated it becomes the more aggressive it gets in global power shifts, which has become a threat not only for Turkey but the whole world, dragging the world to madness.
It is an attack by those who lost the license to rule the world unilaterally after four centuries, who can no longer reach the same power again, on those building power.
Economic war on Russia, economic war on Iran, economic war on China, economic war on Turkey. They will soon declare economic war on Germany, as well as other European countries, South American countries and Asian countries too.
A new world-scale pillaging plan has been put into action
A new and major global pillaging, plundering plan has been activated. What they are doing to Turkey today is to take over the wealth achieved in the last 15 years, to pillage it.
The U.S. and the West are in a period of regress. The economic order they control is in a deadlock and can no longer move. They are attacking like crazy to plunder the world’s resources and wealth. The entire world is under threat. For now, all we see is the economic leg. Soon, we will see the political and military legs too. Such a storm is approaching, that the world, all countries must take action against this new plundering and work together in solidarity.
The US is an out of balance state capable of anything
Because the U.S. is at war with the whole world. It has lost its credibility, reliability and friendships. A kind of U.S. uneasiness has started throughout the world, from Latin America to Far East Asia. It has become an out of balance country capable of anything.
Trade using local currencies, taking action for a new exchange rate or common currency against the dollar, questioning the global order led by the U.S., standing close to those who object the West’s hegemony is the reason behind the U.S.’s current anger. All these outbursts are challenges to the U.S. hegemony, its rejection and refusal to recognize it. But this trend has become a rising value throughout the world.
Nobody wants to be mentioned together with the U.S. and be seen side-by-side with it. Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev says, “What the U.S. is doing is the declaration of an economic war. Then, we will respond both politically and in areas other than the economy.” What does this mean? Military responses? This is the kind of dangerous point the world is at.
Should we surrender? This is suicide. It is destruction, being excluded from history…
So, what are we going to do? Are we going to surrender? Are we going to beg just because the U.S. is pressuring through the dollar, because the dollar has hit the roof, because tariffs on Turkish goods have been increased, because the U.S. is trying to collapse our economy? Are we going to abandon a history, a future plan, a nation’s great march?
If that is the case, why did we resist against the July 15 coup attempt, why did we resist against the Gezi Park terror, why did we resist against terrorism, why did we resist against their plans to siege us from Syria?
Turning back is suicide. It is destruction, being excluded from history, shrinking, losing the 21st century and the future. We will never do that. We are going to put up an economic struggle no different to our homeland struggle. We will not surrender to these hungry wolves, these jackals, these looters who are attacking everything that is national and local.
We have no other choice but to resist!
We really have no other choice. We have no choice but to resist, to put up the great struggle and join the showdown. Those who say “we do” are lying. Those who say “we do” do not understand the great showdown in the world or are acting as inside partners for these attacks.
This nation resisted against the Crusades. This nation ruled the whole region through Anatolia. This nation probed Europe’s doors. This nation has an extraordinary political wealth. This nation has been making history for a thousand years in this region alone. This should not be undermined or taken lightly by anyone. We are a nation that has successfully overcome the toughest times and revived at a moment they said “they are gone.”
We will do it again. We have already been walking on this path for the last 15 years anyway. We are going to continue.
We are going to continue in great solidarity, without ever hesitating, without our knees shaking. You cannot achieve victory without great showdowns. You cannot become a great state without paying a price; a region cannot be built, history cannot be written before becoming a great state.
Don’t panic, there is a great struggle. This is no futile claim, we will win
We will not fear or panic. We are not going to remain silent to these open threats, blackmail or the insults aimed at our nation and country. When doing this, we are never going to forgive those trying to beat us down on the inside on behalf of the U.S. We are never going to give a chance to those who take this as an opportunity and make certain sly plans on the inside.
We will win. This is no futile claim. We are not the only country that is in an economic war with the U.S. – almost the whole world is. This is a major geopolitical showdown. It is a massive power shift. This is not Turkey’s war alone. You cannot comprehend the situation by just taking Turkey into consideration.
The U.S. is the one that will lose. Humanity, the overwhelming majority of the world will take their revenge from the U.S. Now is the time for an all-out fight. Put all your schedules aside, postpone them and set off. It is time for an economic war of independence.

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