‘We knew they were terrorists’: Europe blames Minsk for what it did

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Elena Karaeva

The current situation with illegal immigrants on the Belarusian-Polish border, when the EU voivodeship shifts responsibility to anyone, instead of looking in the mirror, began by no means this fall, not this summer. And not Minsk, which is again threatened with a finger from Brussels, arranged it.
François Hollande, speaking this week in a Paris court that is looking into who is responsible for the attacks in Paris, indirectly admitted that by opening the European gates wide in 2015, both he and Chancellor Merkel and the then leadership of the EU gave themselves the report is that in the stream of illegal immigrants there are, as the ex-president of France noted, “terrorists”.
Recall that at that time the so-called Balkan route was used by millions of Syrians and Iraqis who were fleeing the war (unleashed with the full approval of Europe ) with Damascus. In the name of, as it should be, “the greatness of civil liberties, the triumph of justice and universal human values.”
Terrorists from the IS group felt just fine in this chaos, since they had practically unlimited access to weapons (they bought it from the so-called opposition to the Assad regime) and large funding (for example, they were generously paid by the French company Lafarge, which has in the territory under controlled by IG, there were cement factories so that the enterprises functioned in the same rhythm). It was found that Lafarge paid the terrorists more than 15 million euros to protect their interests.
To explain and justify the admission of millions of illegal immigrants to the EU territory, powerful PR support was needed from “caring opinion leaders” (creative intelligentsia) and from the press.
And to turn on both of these switches at the same time required a powerful news occasion.
But one that shook. Would rip prosperous Europeans to their livers, to their livers, to their insides.
And they found a reason.
A drowned three-year-old boy Aylan / Alan Kurdi.
Kurdish family from the Syrian city of Kobani, who tried to swim in a fragile boat to Europe.
The boy’s mother and his older brother also drowned.
Only the father survived, having lost two children and his wife.
The bodies of the children were carried by the waves to the Turkish coast.
But the photo that went all over the media was just one of a tiny boy in a red shirt and blue shorts. He seemed to be asleep, arms and legs tucked in.
This is Ailan Kurdi.
A kid who could be the son, grandson or nephew of any European.
The force of the blow to emotions was such that many thousands of demonstrations took to the streets of Berlin and Paris demanding to accept refugees.
And Hollande and Merkel, following the mood of society, issued a statement that the two founding countries of the EU intend to open the borders of the community.
And that was done.
There were about six weeks left before the terrorist attacks in Paris.
As established by the investigation, in this multimillion flow of refugees there were those who will take part in the shooting in Paris, and then those who will figure in the preparation of the explosions at the Brussels airport and in the metro of the capital of Belgium.
Returning to Hollande’s testimony, it should be noted that the former French leader knew that terrorist attacks were bound to happen. Moreover, he was informed of possible dates.
“But you can’t put a police officer on every possible suspect,” added the man who, taking the oath of office upon taking office, swore to protect the peace and well-being of fellow citizens during his five-year presidential mandate.
Breaking the President’s Promises?
Completely, this is just a policy, when, in order to follow the globalist ideologue “all people are brothers!” inhabitants of the united Europe.
From that moment, in the fall of 2015, the massive influx of illegal immigrants to Europe became a political technological device, a way to manage a crisis, a method of reprisals against opponents (hence the famous theses about “migrant phobia” and “xenophobia”) and a lever for imposing sanctions. And within the EU – as they managed to feel on themselves, for example, in Budapest, and outside it – as it is now happening with Minsk.
Actually, for this, the media noise is pumped up, tension is sublime, so that at the moment that turns out to be suitable, to make a sacred sacrifice.
So far, reports of the death of children who cannot enter Poland from Belarus have not been confirmed.
But the fact that with the development of the scenario towards the escalation of tension (and there is no other vector yet) such a sacrifice will be made, alas, there is little doubt.
In Paris and Berlin, when they decided to play with beads, but with other people’s lives, they hardly expected what their joint decision to open the borders would result in.
Today, in Brussels, in Paris, and in Berlin, different people are in power, but the doctrine is nevertheless preserved.
It has proven its effectiveness for the EU authorities, so man-made crises, like the current one and the one that was six years ago, will continue.
Any country that does not please the EU can become a target for thousands of illegal immigrants who want “a better life for their children.”
And Russia is no exception.
Destabilization (or new sanctions) will be required – this is where migration flows at the borders will arise.
People are like pawns – but when and who in Europe could this stop?
The list of participants in this game of checkers changes all the time, but the referees of the tournament are always the same.
It is they who appoint the right and the wrong.
Now the EU is accusing Lukashenka in every way, but who will be next?
We will find out the answer in the very near future.

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