“We want to see a world consisting of independent nations”

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Dmitry Kosyrev

It is clear that Russains and Americans are quite different people. Therefore, one and the same event (the scandalous resolution of the Texas State Republican Congress) attracted attention in Russia with one point, and in the USA with another. We were interested in the call to hold a referendum in 2023 on the separation of Texas from the United States. And the Americans, and especially the Democrats, were terribly excited by the point that says: the Democrats rigged the presidential elections in 2020, that is, Joe Biden rules the country illegally.
I would venture to add: we, in fact, need to be interested in what kind of America the Republicans want to create in the place of the current one, which, like us, is not very happy with them. And if they do, will we be able to deal with such an America.
But first, let’s put everything in its place on the part of the Texas sensation. In fact, she is no sensation. Yes, this state is the flagship state for all American Republicans and other conservatives, and what they say in Texas is then repeated throughout the country. But the threat of a referendum and secession from the United States, firstly, is not new, they constantly threaten this in the state. And secondly, the Republicans are now thinking rather not about leaving the United States, but about a full return to power in the country – first in the congressional elections this fall, then in the presidential elections in two years.
But what if the elections are rigged again? Here it is necessary to give yourself pleasure and see how all the democratic media come out in unison with anger. Here is just one publication in The Washington Post, and it’s just some kind of holiday. The idea of fair elections, writes the Democr-atic author, is a “scam of the Republicans” who exp-ose themselves by showing how radically they have moved away from democracy. And they allegedly expose themselves by the fact that they do not allow anyone to vote on their territory as many times as they like, without presenting any documents or simply sending a piece of paper by mail from an unknown person – this is what democracy is among the Democrats.
Well, and in addition goes to all the other points of the resolution of the Texas Congress. These horrible people call homosexuality “abnormal lifestyle choices” and say there is no procedure to verify that a person is transgender. You look: a man insists that he is actually a woman, and these types say that this cannot be proven. In addition, the Texans want to remove any restrictions on the possession of weapons – yes, they are just demons in human form.
Well, this democrat in this way scares and mobilizes his own. And this is obviously a purely Ameri-can problem. But there is our problem (and not only Russia’s): there is one of the leading countries in the world in terms of economic and military power, where a political force still rules, seriously trying to impose on the whole world not only its nonsense on the topic of sex, but in general everything, any norms and rules that come into their heads. If this force leaves, then what can be expected from its opponents who have taken power?
And we see that on the right flank of American politics, the development of, in fact, a new political platform, that is, a program of action after coming to power, is just beginning. At the same time, the party is being purged of those who personally do not like Donald Trump. In terms of what needs to be done after winning the election, Texas has contributed, but this is not the full program. For example, it is necessary to start curing America from high school, removing from the list of subjects “Marxist ideology” (that is, the leftist concepts of democrats) and “critical racial theory” (that is, the idea that America should feed blacks, who do not even work).
But this, we repeat, is only a part of a full-fledged program, and it must be said that dozens, if not hundreds of republican and related media resources, leading an active discussion on the topic “What kind of America do we need,” are busy developing such a program. By the way, they also talk about what kind of world America needs.
Perhaps the most interesting document here is called National Conservatism: A Statement of Principles. It was compiled by the best minds of the right flank, famous people who, in fact, set the tone for the above-mentioned discussion on all right-wing resources. The people who set the tone are part of the Edmund Burke Foundation. And this British politician of the late 18th century is considered the ideological founder of conservatism, as it is understood in Europe, in the USA and not only there. That is, an ideology that considers unacceptable mass campaigns to “improve” and “correct” a person and entire societies, sometimes against the will of people, but, of course, always “for their own future good.”
There are only ten principles in the Berkeleian d-ocument. We may strongly dislike some lines – for exa-mple, the fact that “the im-perialism of China, Russia” and other “authoritarian nations” is condemned on a par with “liberal imperialism” and globalism, which are promoted precisely by the countries of the West. Here one could strongly argue and say to colleagues that China and Russia are in no small measure in line with conservative principles, that is, they could be considered allies of Western conservatives.
But those are not up to us now: they are saving their civilization and are very afraid of the whole world in general, which, in the process of the collapse of the West, will rapaciously rush to take away its pieces. Therefore, the ideal of the American right-wing ideologue is when the whole world is afraid to utter a word next to the right US president, who looks like Trump. But at the same time, such a president does not climb into the outside world to plant new democratic ideas there. That is, we have a very American conservatism, at least Western in general.
The first and main point of this document looks good: “We want to see a world consisting of independent nations.” That is, it is, in fact, about sovereignty for those who can afford it – this is also our Russian ideology. And the creation of supranational structures that undermine the power of elected national governments and therefore anger people is condemned.
Well, other points out of ten – you can subscribe to each. About religion, free enterprise, family, and much more. It remains to wait until these principles are embodied in the program of action of the new government in the United States and in the West, then when the return of normality begins in these countries. All in all, it will take a long time. And it’s still unknown if it will. And it remains for us, the rest of the world, to follow the same ten points of the Berkeleyans and go about our countries and our affairs.

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