“We will overthrow Joe Biden”: Who is preparing to change power in the USA

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Dmitry Ermakov

They called him Darth Vader and American Rasputin – Republican Steve Bannon was the right-hand man of President Donald Trump. One of the most influential people in the country neglected the regulations, defiantly did not follow the dress code in the White House. Now he calls his mission the fight against the “Biden regime.” RIA Novosti figured out whether the scandalous political strategist with a reputation for racism would succeed.
At the forefront of the attack
“I am a Leninist. Lenin wanted to abolish the state, I am striving for the same. I want everything to collapse, to destroy the entire establishment of today,” said Steve Bannon in 2017, on the anniversary of the Russian revolution. Four years later, he’s just as radical. “We are overthrowing the Biden regime,” he said, surrendering to the authorities on November 15.
With this Bannon reported to the FBI headquarters in Washington. Earlier, the Republican refused to testify about the storming of the Capitol – and he was accused of contempt of Congress. Under US law, this is punishable by a fine and imprisonment for up to a year. Prior to the consideration of the case, the detainee was released, taking his passport and obliging him to report every week by phone.
They want to interrogate him about the events at the Willard Hotel on the night before the assault on January 6th. Trump supporters gathered there to persuade Republicans not to acknowledge Biden’s victory. And Bannon allegedly said that the next day “hell will break free.” “We are at the forefront of the attack,” he added. “It will be very dramatic.”
At least that’s what the special congressional committee to investigate the storming of the Capitol says. It is known that Bannon spoke with Trump on the eve of the events and called for a review of the election results.
This is his second detention. Bannon was arrested last summer for several hours on suspicion of embezzling funds allocated to build a wall between the United States and Mexico. It was about hundreds of thousands of dollars raised through crowdfunding. He was released on bail of five million.
On the last day of the presidential term, Trump pardoned a former ally – such a decision in the States is not subject to appeal. Although earlier the owner of the White House said that he “lost not only his job, but also his mind.”
In the face of evil
Bannon constantly emphasizes his proletarian origin: he was born into a working-class family, his father and grandfather are telephone line installers. That is why he so violently attacks the elite and globalists.
“My father invested his savings in shares in a telecommunications company for which he worked for 15 years. In his life, this enterprise was as important as the Catholic Church. But in 2008 it all collapsed overnight,” Bannon told Le Figaro. He was outraged that large companies received state support, and such as his father, no one thought to help.
He remembered the church for a reason. The image of a defender of family values ??is important for him: “I was brought up in Catholic traditions. Mom was a housewife and raised five children.”
Bannon became interested in politics in his youth. In the late 1970s, he served in the Navy. He did not participate in military operations, but criticized the administration of President Jimmy Carter, which failed to quickly free the hostages in Tehran.
Then he began to lean towards the right course and anti-Islamism. According to CNN, as Trump’s adviser, it was he who insisted on the decision not to let citizens of Syria, Libya, Iran, Iraq and several other countries into the United States without additional checks – even if the person has a green card.
After the army, Bannon worked in banking, but politics haunted him. He took up documentary films, one of the key works is the film about Ronald Reagan “In the Face of Evil”. The official annotation reads: “The brutality of totalitarian communism is opposed by Reagan’s unyielding passion for the light of freedom.” The titles of other films are no less pathetic: Fire from the Deep: The Awakening of the Conservative Woman, Invincible – about Sarah Palin.
It was the documentary genre that made the activist a political strategist. In 2012, he became head of the right-wing online publication Breitbart News. He was noticed by Trump: he was appointed the CEO of the election campaign, and then – the senior adviser to the administration. From the moment of his inauguration until August 2017, Bannon was the president’s right-hand man. Time magazine called him “the second most influential in the world – after the boss.”
Throwing up hands
Bannon’s appointment was greeted by former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke, who is considered “perhaps America’s most famous racist and anti-Semite.” But many were unhappy with this personnel policy: 169 Democratic parliamentarians wrote an open letter to Trump demanding that Bannon be fired because he is “sexist, racist and anti-Semite.” The President ignored this – for the time being.
Bannon denies all charges. But he admits that among the “alt-right” there are xenophobes and anti-Semites. And they are very noticeable: for example, Richard Spencer, a frequent guest of Breitbart magazine, is an ideologue of white supremacy and an open neo-Nazi. On the day of the announcement of the election results, he publicly shouted: “Heil, Trump!” Supporters supported him by throwing up their hands.
Breitbart has always been the mouthpiece of the nationalists, but became particularly radical under Bannon. The headlines were full of sexism and xenophobia: “Political Correctness Guarding Muslim Rapists”, “What would you prefer to find in your daughter – cancer or feminism?” And although the audience of the site is small – 35 thousand views per day, much more people follow the publications on social networks. Telegram has almost 160 thousand subscribers.
Trump has repeatedly stressed that he has nothing to do with the radical “alt-right”.
In August 2017, Charlottesville hosted the largest ultra-right march in modern US history: a torchlight procession accompanied by armed men. Some carried flags in the style of the Third Reich with a swastika. It all ended in riots, one person died, 19 were injured. The reason was the decision of the city authorities to dismantle the monument to General Robert Lee, who commanded the Confederate troops in the Civil War.
None of the organizers were detained or brought to justice. The fact is that in the United States there is no direct ban on Nazi symbols and statements inciting ethnic hatred. And weapons are legalized in Virginia. However, politicians from both parties condemned the “hate ideology.”
After two days of silence, Trump – under pressure from Congress and the political establishment – dismissed Bannon.
The monument to Robert Lee was removed – although he considered slavery a “vicious institution.” The general also disappeared from the squares of other US cities. Even from the Capitol, where his statue was erected in 1909 – along with George Washington.
Roots all over the world
Bannon left and Breitbart. But he did not stop publicly criticizing the Asians. “When two-thirds of Silicon Valley companies are run by people from there, there is reason to think about the country’s economy,” is one of his statements. And the Chinese, according to the former adviser, are a direct and immediate threat to Western civilization.
To save her, Bannon went to the Old World. In 2018, he created the Movement organization in Brussels to promote economic nationalism and consolidate right-wing politicians ahead of the European Parliament elections. The Movement collaborated with Victor Orban, Matteo Salvini, Marine Le Pen.
Bannon then explained: his goal is to oppose the establishment and the concentration of power, it does not matter in Brussels or Washington. The main enemies are the “global elites of Davos” and personally George Soros.
“Globalists see the nation-state as an obstacle, a relic of the past. We consider it a treasure that needs to be cherished and cherished,” he says. And he adds: nationalists are gaining ground all over the world.
But in Europe, if their positions have strengthened, then insignificantly. The “movement” faded into the background, and Bannon became more active in his homeland.
Trump in the shadows
The main front of his offensive is the congressional elections scheduled for November 2022.
“The statement about the Biden regime is a signal that Bannon is still in the game. He is a man-idea, such people do not retire,” notes Viktoria Zhuravleva, senior researcher at IMEMO RAN. Bannon is exactly what you need. “
At the same time, the political scientist is sure that he himself will not run anywhere. Bannon is not a public person, but a gray eminence. “If, for example, Trump needs ideological support, he will remember him.”
Vladimir Vasiliev, chief researcher at the Institute for the United States and Canada, believes that the former president is still behind Bannon. “Appare-ntly, he is still among Trump’s closest advisers – and is a symbol of Trumpism. Although this is not advertised,” the expert says. “Bannon now even more accurately expresses Trump’s thoughts than he himself, being in disgrace. understand and listen. “
According to Vasiliev, it was Bannon who suggested Trump to run for Congress. “If the Republicans establish control over the House of Representatives (this requires 218 seats, now they have 213. – Ed.), They will elect Trump as speaker. And then there may be some opportunity for impeachment, early elections,” the source said….
However, do not forget that both Bannon and the like-minded people who stormed the Capitol are under investigation.
One has already received a real term: Jacob Chensley, who burst into the building in a shaman costume, was sentenced on November 17 to three years and five months. Therefore, no matter how complex plans are developed, one should not excuse himself from prison.

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