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West-Bank annexation – Is international law a tinker’s Dam?

Sojla Sahar

While sitting in the comfort of my home, enjoying the cool breezy weather of monsoon, I wondered what if someone just suddenly breaks into my little home, throws my belonging out and captures my space without any rational reason. Afterward I run for some support, help from my neighbors’ and friends but no one come forward to help. This is what is happening with the Palestinians on their “own” land. The oppression being conducted by Israel on Palestinians has become an amusement for the international community. States perceive their only sense of duty on this peace and security issue is to “Condemn” Period.

The aim of United States favorite spoiled child is the annexation of West Bank which is already annexed by Israel but declaration of sovereignty is due. The next annexation also includes Jordan valley in Israel’s plans. Currently, this conflict zone is very active along with Israel security forces also the active presence of Hezbollah and Hamas is preventing the occupation Palestinians lands by Israel. By this action of Israel who has absolute support of United States, a new perspective has emerged in people’s minds that international law and international humanitarian law are bogus and not applicable on the powerful states. Also the general responsibility of every sovereign state is not applicable on the beloved Israel.

This perspective will raise many other questions as its weakening the international system and fading the concept of responsibility of states to protect the peace of the international system.  By this action it can be assessed that the champion of Peace and democratic values- United States is actually playing the role of spoiler of peace in the Middle East Region. The reason behind this is the upcoming Elections in the United States and winning the support of Israel for winning the elections is quite necessary in the United States of America.

The process of illegal settlements and illegal occupation of Palestinians land is not something new for the world. Israel has already succeeded in 236 illegal settlements and aims for more land by hook or crook. The international communities preferred to stay silent and let the naughty kid “Israel” enjoy its game. Now if Israel succeeds in annexing the West Bank then this will be the last nail in the coffin of peace in Middle East as this will blow the two-state solution away and Palestinians will have to live under the rule of Israel which is discriminatory and suppressing. After this, a new era of oppression, discrimination, forces displacement, systematic genocide, curbed freedom of speech, right to live will be the fate of poor Palestinian people.

The policies of Israel are a complete violation of the fourth Geneva Convention 1949 which states that the protection of Civilians in the times of war is an obligation. But Israel has always shown no regard for the international law, international humanitarian law and also the Geneva Conventions. In whole of this scenario the question arises about the biased international system and how a new war is emerging in the Middle East region that is already crushed and war-torn. Through this annexation, the peace and security of the region will be in danger as people of Palestine will tilt towards the non-state actors to seek protection and these non -state actors have already claimed themselves to be the “defenders” of Palestinian lands and its people. Winning public support will provide great strength and support to the non-state actors such as Hezbollah- the party of God. They have been acting as a bulwark against the occupying Israeli forces. Hezbollah have declared themselves as the enemies of Israel and United States. On the other hand Hamas- an offshoot of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood, has also claimed itself to be enemy of Israel and has been operating against Isr-ael since 1980’s. The escalation intensity of the conflict can be analyzed by this statement of Hamas regarding the annexation of West Bank by Israel; Hamas leaders said that annexation of Palestinian lands will be a clear sign of “Declaration of War” for them. 

This state of affairs is not posing a threat to the peace, security and stability of Middle East only but also to the Israel security and its people. By living in the same boundaries Israel will have to pay the cost of its civilians if the annexation turns into reality. The Zionist state will have to face consequences in the form of weakened international standing and negative effect on the regional alliances. But surely this is will be for a short time period and then soon everything will be normal for other states but not for Palestinian people.

Ironically, this action of Israel supported by United States will pave way for more terrorism and bloodshed in this conflict-zone because the Palestinian community and Zionist community will not reach the level for acceptance of each other at any cost, leading towards clashes and killings in the society. The no acceptance of community leads towards catastrophes; this is witnessed by the world in the past such as the Tamil-Sinhala Conflict, the brutal genocide of Rwanda and the Bosnian Genocide.

The systematic ethnic cleaning does not takes place in a day or night. It is a slow and gradual process. The current is of Palestinian nation. On the other hand, this action has proven that the international law is only for the weak states, if the powerful does not abide by the law then it’s not law but slavery of the powerful.

The step of Israel does not only involve Palestinian and Israel but has also devalued international law for the whole international community. This step will give a message to whole world to do what suits them without abiding by international law. Paving a way towards anarchy in the whole system and giving immense strength to the ideologies of non-state actors operating in the Middle East. After this action of Israel International law will hold no value and a jungle rule will be seen on the international arena in the name of “national interest”. The question arises:  Does it suit to a responsible International state to violate international laws conventions and showing no regard?

Were the Democratic values of United States and slogans for protection of peace a shaggy dog story?

Will the international community put any diplomatic or economic sanctions to control the rigidness of Israel?

Well, the answer of this whole scenario is quite disappointing. A responsible International actor has to respect the frontiers of other states instead of occupying them. This act of Israel is posing a threat to the borders of every state as it is encouraging other fundamentalists and fanatics to occupy bordering state territories because international community is quiescent and international law is bogus. The world will welcome a more anarchic global order.

This has to be understood by the world that when “Injustice becomes the law, resistance is the only option left”. This will fuel the conflict situation of Middle-East in the near future and the acts of Jewish state will make peace in Middle East unimaginable.


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