West loves USA for not loving itself

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Dmitry Kosyrev

If you recently heard that over the past year the world has fallen in love with America, then rest assured that the story is far from so simple. We are talking about the results of a sociological study of the most respected service in the United States – Pew Research. Here is the full text of the document.
And above all, you see in this text that there is no “whole world” here. No one interviewed anyone in the Middle East, Africa or Latin America – they would have asked, then the opinion about the charms of the United States would have turned out to be completely different. People in Russia, India and China were also not interviewed. In general, the researchers were not interested in the whole world, but in a very specific group of states: selected Europeans with Canada, Australia and New Zealandand very elite (that is, kind of pro-Western) Asians such as South Koreans or Japanese. There are 16 states in total, although you can probably add someone less significant to them, but these are already particulars. In general, we studied the dynamics of opinions of only Western countries, that is, the allies of the United States.
And this team really thinks better of their leader today than before. The same Pew Research drew attention to this phenomenon in the summer; Moreover, he revealed a clear pattern: as soon as the Democrats are in power in the United States, then in that very group of states they begin to think better about America. Republic-ans come and the curves of love go down. Moreover, we are talking not only about the top, but about the population as a whole.
Their America is the America of the Democrats. Yes, yes, they like it just the way it is now. This, although incredible, is a fact, and you just need to take it into account. And when the United States tries to behave like a relatively normal state on the principle of “America first,” the West begins to strongly dislike it.
The current study differs from the previous one in that it examines in more detail what exactly in this America its allies like. In short, they first of all highly appreciate its technological achievements. In second place is the “entertainment industry” – note that no one here uses terms like “culture” or “art”. That is, Westerners like exactly that Hollywood and everything else as it is today. In third place is military power.
But on two other points, the picture is fundamentally different. Only 11 percent of those surveyed agree with the idea that the US has a good health care system. Only 33 percent speak positively about the living standards in this country.
Before us, we repeat, is not the reality of America as such, but the opinions of foreigners about this reality. This is, in fact, part of the ideology that makes the West the West. That is, it turns out what ideas and what illusions about the “leader” the public from these 16 countries feeds on.
And it turns out that they have some kind of their o-wn, special America. Whi-ch is normal: in the 1980s, and in our country, the sa-me country was perceived as a fairy tale. Something like this (the song, we note, is from 1985, historical for the USSR ):
“Goodbye America – oh,
Where I’ve never been,
Goodbye forever,
Take the banjo, play me goodbye!”
Your worn jeans are too small for me.
We’ve been taught to
love your forbidden fruits for so long.”
Why is this America in the minds of other Westerners slightly mythical? If only because in the USA itself the same sociological service also conducts its own polls. Which show that Americans do not perceive their country quite like other people, even if these other people have visited the States a dozen times. Comparison of the two statistics goes on the website of the same service in order to analyze what is happening, and this analysis is of the highest class.
According to him, the Americans somehow coincide with their allies in terms of their enthusiastic assessment of their military power (and this, I would like to add, despite all sorts of minor troubles such as flight from Afghanistan). But only 16 percent consider their technologies to be the best in the world, although 48 percent see them as “above the world average.” As for the universities – 15 and 33 (again, we are talking about “the best in the world” and “above the world average”).
But in addition, US residents perceive their medical care even lower than their allies (seven percent consider it “the best in the world”, although 24 admit that it is “above average”). And they think similarly about living standards.
The methodology of the polls, as we can see, is different here (in one case it is just “like it or not,” in the other it is more complicated), but the general picture is clear. Outside the United States, there are still many more illusions about the strength and attractiveness of this country than within its borders.
And that’s not it. We just saw that the average Westerner is more of the spiritual brother of American Democrats than Republicans. But there is still such a reality as sharply opposite opinions of the residents of the United States themselves about their country. They are so opposite that I don’t even want to talk about some kind of “average” picture of how the people of the country see themselves, and how this is unlike the “average” view of its allies.
The standards of American life are either disliked or disliked by Democrats (40 percent), but Republicans like them (65).
The same spread is evident in the area of health care (21 and 43 percent). In general, there is a feeling that it is the ideology of the democrats that influences the way their like-minded people abroad perceive this country. Why, for example, does the collective West believe that the United States is a country of racial discrimination (for example, 81 percent of Canadians think so), and which of the discrimination do they mean: against blacks or against whites? And also only 17 percent on average in the group of these countries consider “American democracy” (that is, the system of government) an example for themselves. And all this is because the Democrats from the United States are talking about all this only, spreading rot on their own country to the right and to the left on all platforms and platforms.
All together, it turns out – chaos in the thoughts of the West about the delights of America. Well, yes, there is chaos, now we know it.

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