Western media attack and Putin’s five signals to NATO

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Dmitry Shestopalov

The flywheel of war, which the main European and American media are spinning in the public consciousness, has long since lost the limits of reality. “Putin is ready to bet on a war with the West,” British MP Bob Seeley intimidates the British in The Telegraph. Only the lazy did not write about the “high probability” that Russia might plan a new military aggression against Ukraine. Within a few days, the Financial Times , The New York Times noted notes on this topicand The Wall Street Jornal. And the authors of the WSJ, although they praised the Russian president a little, who managed not only to successfully modernize the army and improve international fuel trade, but in the end slipped into horror stories about the concentration of Russian troops on the border with Ukraine.
Meanwhile, NATO continues to build up its military force in Poland and the Black Sea. The North Atlantic Alliance conducted unscheduled exercises. The United States has sent strategic bombers capable of carrying nuclear weap-ons to Russian borders.
American politicians can no longer cope with problems within the country, therefore they are actively using the image of an external enemy. And the only one who, in the opinion of the political establishment, is drawn to this role is the head of the distant and snowy Russia. This is probably why a resolution was introduced to the US Congress not to recognize the Russian elections in 2024, if Vladimir Putin takes part in them. However, Russia not only repels provocations, but also conducts tests, modernizing the army and creating new weapons.
Test of anti-satellite weapons “Nudol”
The Pentagon is concerned about Russia’s potential to “blind” the US satellite constellation and shoot down the US nuclear-armed X-37 unmanned spacecraft.
The Ministry of Defense has revived the Soviet development “Nudol”, which destroys space satellites. During the tests, Russia shot down an inoperative Kosmos-1408 11F619 Tselina-D electronic reconnaissance satellite. The American military, and after them the politicians of Europe, said that such tests pose a threat not only to other orbiters, but also to the ISS. At the same time, in January 2007, China’s own satellite shot down, repeating a similar operation in July 2010. In February 2008, the United States destroyed an American satellite by launching a rocket from a ship. India destroyed a spacecraft in low-earth orbit in March 2019.
Zircon tests
The Zircon hypersonic missile, with a speed of Mach 9, has no analogues in the world and poses a threat to the entire American coast. The launch was made from the board of the frigate “Admiral Gorshkov”, a direct hit destroyed a target in the White Sea. It is known that the latest weapon is regarded as an anti-ship missile and is intended to destroy large enemy ships located at a distance of up to a thousand kilometers. According to some reports, the Zircon’s real range is two thousand kilometers.
“It was an impressive show of power,” writes The Sun, recalling that the Zircon was previously launched from a nuclear-powered submarine, which “boosted confidence in its capabilities after Russia declared” the missile “is capable of evading all Western missile defense systems. funds “.
“Sarmat” or “Satan-2”
A missile that “completely breaks the entire US missile defense system,” military expert Yakov Kedmi called the newest Sarmat intercontinental ballistic missile, known in the West as Satan-2. The head of Roscosmos Dmitry Rogozin called the fifth-generation missile complex with a heavy multistage missile the basis of the Russian nuclear shield for the next decade. The upcoming tests in 2022, if successful, will provide combat duty as part of a command post and several silo launchers.
Nuclear torpedoes “Poseidon”
In June, Russia launched the largest submarine in 30 years, the Belgorod submarine, capable of destroying an entire city. She is the first boat to carry the Poseidon unmanned submarine torpedoes, which the British media dubbed the Doomsday Weapon. The Poseidon ocean-going multipurpose system will include four carrier submarines, each of which will be equipped with at least six super torpedoes. The system is planned to be deployed by 2027.
SAM S-500
S-500 “Triumfator-M” (“Prometheus”) entered service. This was announced on September 16, 2021 by the Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Yuri Borisov. The main task of the complex is the fight against medium-range ballistic missiles: independent interception of MRBMs with a launch range of up to three and a half thousand kilometers, intercontinental ballistic missiles. The complex of tasks of the system also includes the destruction of hypersonic cruise missiles, aircraft and UAVs; elimination of low-orbit satellites and space weapons launched from hypersonic aircraft, strike hypersonic UAVs and orbital platforms. The performance characteristics of the S-500 belong to the first generation of PKO systems – anti-space defense.
Putin was the first to formulate the ideology of opposing globalism
During his speeches at the Davos Forum and the Valdai Club, Vladimir Putin outlined the theses of the ideological confrontation between the traditional society, which is Russia, and the concept that quietly rules the show in the West – the Great Reset by globalist Klaus Schwab. We are talking about a global restructuring of the world economy in favor of a supposedly more environmentally friendly and socially oriented development model.
The President said that the world has overtaken a civilization crisis, and the existing model of capitalism has exhausted itself. He also spoke about Western values, which are often “on the brink of a crime against humanity.” Speaking about Russia, Putin noted that the country will develop in accordance with the principles of reasonable conservatism. Europe, hearing about the rejection of globalist principles, called it the end of the “divorce proceedings” between Russia and the West, and in fact launched Cold War 2.0.
The confrontation between the West and Russia has long since moved from the military-strategic and economic to the ideological one. We are back to the pre-1991 Cold War phase. Although now the lines of separation will be different, according to military expert Konstantin Sivkov. They will pass through the zones of exclusion between supporters of globalist ideas and traditional societies. This trend has already swept the wh-ole world. We see the same thing in Europe: the parties “Alternative for Germany”, “National Unity” with Marine Le Pen and Trump supporters in the United States. If we remember that the Bolsheviks in July 1917 were a minority and they were considered a marginal party, then the positions are still equal.

  • Russia resists the globalists led by Putin, which is why our country is being discredited in all respects: from the military confrontation to the right to remain Russian outside the country (the case against the Russian diaspora initiated by the FBI in the United States), military expert Ko-nstantin told Life Sivkov.
    According to him, today the American society is split. Any provocations lead to protest events that turn into pogroms. For example, the excuse of a young man who fired back from attacks during the mass demonstrations of the Black Lives Matter movement. A jury acquitted Kyle Rittenhouse, accused of the two murders. His case thundered throughout the country. Society was divided into two camps: some of the Americans consider him a mass murderer, some are sure that he has not exceeded the limits of permissible self-defense. Black activists regard the acquitted as a vigilante and murderer, and are gathering demonstrations.
    You can despise the warnings of the utopians about the “brave new world”, laugh at Huxley, Orwell and Asimov, but if your children already do not understand why they need nuclear weapons and a military budget, then the ideological war is lost. The first to announce the conduct of a mental war against Russia was the adviser to the Russian Defense Minister Andrei Ilnitsky. He believes that the modern world is faced with the specter of a systemic crisis and the collapse of development models. Globalist structures have long been raising the question of “dismantling the world order based on nation states.”
    -” The actual essence of today’s global agenda is that the instruments of warfare and peacetime rivalry have been intermingled to the point of overlapping, and the spectrum of threats has changed radically. This led to the emergence of a new type of interstate confrontation – mental war, the purpose of which is to destroy self-consciousness, change the mental, civilizational basis of the enemy’s society,” -Andrey Ilnitsky, Adviser to the Minister of Defense of Russia.

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