Western World’s Proxy Hot War in Ukraine is Blatantly Transparent


Jerome Irwin

The War in Ukraine

This is an historical ideological East Vs West Cold War

Now turned into a Red-Hot life & Death struggle, between Western Ukraine (i.e International Fascists) & Eastern Ukraine (i.e International Communists)


The war in Ukraine isone of the largest, most sweeping, propagandic gang swarms ever perpetrated in the annals of modern warfare against the peoples of the world; this time by the United States in league with the United Kingdom, Ukraine, NATO and the European Union bloc, against the Russian Empire. Its ‘gang swarms’ of propagandists aren’t solely targeting Russia because, in the end, the real target is the total conquest and numbing subjugation of the minds, thoughts and hearts of the entire Human Race, mentally, intellectually, ideologically and spiritually. The extent of the mind controllers attempts to erase our minds of the truths the mind-controllers don’t like

To know this to be true, one need only recall the massive propaganda spin, misinformation and disinformation that, for seventy-five years, these same Western powers have used to lie to the world about what really has been going on all along between the Palestinians and Israeli people and their governments. The Major Western Press – New York Times, LA Times, Washington Post – now won’t even use the names ‘Palestinians’ and ‘Palestine’ to correctly describe who they are or where they live.

Journalists on major mainstream newspapers everywhere in the world are regularly blocked from truth-telling about so many world issues, like Israel’s Apartheid and Crimes Against Humanity towards the Palestinians.

It’s no different than the same kind of censorship and false spin that is happening now, in the current war in Ukraine; as it did back when the violent right-wing coup and overthrow of President Viktor Yanukovych’s ‘Neutralist’ government took place in 2014 when the mind-controllers called it Ukraine’s ‘Revolution’ rather then its Devolution, that set the current scene for what is now happening. In Ukraine. But for years before even that, the long East-West no man’s lands of détente has been a mine field of intrigue, espionage and counter-espionage.

The spinners of truth and lies are constantly hard at work all over the world. For instance, when Amnesty International released its damning report about Israeli Apartheid, and its Crimes Against Humanity, little to next to nothing of fair, balanced reporting came out, or yet has even still not appeared in papers of note, like the New York Times, LA Times and Washington Post.

Many of the professionally-employed journalists of these mainstream papers, who bravely attempt to truthfully report on the situation often find themselves quickly fired or censored for all their efforts. Editors on papers like the Washington Post have even been known to change the wording on an article pertaining to Palestine or Palestinians. In one instance, to avoid any reference to the ‘Nation of Palestine’, a reference made to the ‘Palestine Solidarity Movement’ was changed to instead read: ”Palestinian territories solidarity movement”; as if activists for Palestinian freedom and equal rights only exist within the occupied territories, and not anywhere in their stolen lands between the Jordon River and Mediterranean Sea.

Apparently, also journalists with the LA Times aren’t allowed to ever write the name ‘Palestine’ in the paper, unless it is meant to describe the former territory that existed from 1923 to 1945, or what the once ancient historical region once was. Still other Jewish-biased mind-controllers will simply argue, “That’s because it isn’t a recognized nation.”

Could another plausible reason or explanation be why Ukraine and Ukrainians have continued to receive such immediate, overwhelmingly-immense, military, political and financial support, including a formerly unheard of sweeping, over-night BDS Movement response from the Western World especially, is because Ukraine and Ukrainians are members of the white race, like those in power in the Western World; unlike Palestinians and other ‘darker’ peoples in the world who have hit an absolute stone wall whenever it comes to creating their own BDS Movement to try to put an end to the racist, violent, apartheid treatment they receive from the same White Western nations?


As each passing day in the war continues to deepen the crisis, the gravity of the seriousness of a mounting nuclear threat to the entire world continues to increase with each aggressive action taken by the West to totally defeat Putin; which, in the end, may only ultimately push him to finally make the fatal military decision to commit the Russian army to an all-out nuclear war.

Like Canada, each country in the West, has acted like a veritable endless war chest, full of endless monies, weaponry and technological wherewithal to continue the West’s proxy war to the very end until either someone has won or everyone has lost. Western countries like Canada’s contribute, among other things, hundreds of rocket launchers to the Ukrainian people and their fascist government to escalate the war at any level, which only exponentially continues to increase the real dangers of an ultimate nuclear war in the end.

The gravity of some major catastrophe occurring increases exponentially as other Western countries continue to do the same; mobilizing their citizenry into ‘Peoples Army’s’, on their own soil, to then volunteer to ‘go over there’ and fight like patriot liberators for other’s “freedom, liberty and democracy”. It’s as if it was another Redux World War II all over again. Only this time around, the peoples of the world are being cleverly, masterfully manipulated and duped like puppets to be used by their own Western propaganda chess master’s to do whatever their own neo-liberal, right-wing, neo-fascist-leaning-leader’s goals and purposes are to be met.

Marshall Mcluhan, the late great communication theorist, would be flabbergasted by the sophistication of the West’s sweeping propaganda campaign so far. He no doubt would quote the famous message he coined: The Medium is the Message. The simple ‘Content’ of the West’s propaganda in the Ukraine War is easy to grasp. It cleverly reduces some 40 years of the complex duplicitous lies and deceit between the West and the East, down to the Mantra, “Kill the new Hitler- Putin! Kill him! Just Kill Him! That’s the answer to all our problems!”

In the minds of the masses, nothing else matters in this decades-long ideological battle of wills and philosophies, or, as Mcluhan might say in another of his pun’s, if he were here, “The Medium is the Message….Is the Mass Age…Is the Mess Age”, we are all now living through.

Some of the things that Western leaders are also doing in the midst of this Cold War, now turned red-hot, is to: cut off all the funding channels of their own dissenters at home who are against their own leader’s authoritarian, saberrattling actions, like Canadian PM Trudeau when he outrageously invoked the Emergencies Act during the Trucker’s Convoy protests in Ottawa.

Many other actions being taken by leaders in the West against Russia are looked upon now by many of their own people at home as being just more diabolical Machiavellian ‘Cold War’ tactics and strategies that the West has so cleverly ramped-up into a ‘Hot’ Proxy War that, instead of their armies dong the fighting, they are now cowardly serving as endless bottomless pits of war materials and logistical supplies to the Ukrainian people to do all the fighting, bleeding, suffering, and dying for them. I think in criminology circles it would be called criminal aiding and abetting.

These aren’t the actions of a truly democratic, free and open people and world. These are the actions of cowardly, radical, right-wing, neo-fascist forces that seek only to once and for all eliminate the Evil Russian Empire; their long-standing ideological nemesis. But once they’ve accomplished this task, they won’t return to some idyllic democratic world to live happily ever after. They’ll have yet other axes to grind and fish to fry!

Because the West no longer is an alliance of true real Western Democracies, but anti-democratic, fascist entities, run and controlled by the elite 1% in the West who, aside from whatever the Chinese Imperialists still control, they will control all the rest every bit as once did the Russians.

Hence, why the title of this article was changed from originally referring to “Western Democracies” to opt for the use of the term “Western World” to more accurately reflect the real reality in the world.


At this moment, the ‘big push’ of these propaganda swarms in Ukraine continue to spread over every digital airwave on the planet as they relentlessly pound into submission every last non-believer and government that still doesn’t believe intheirsimplistic, single-pointed vision of the way they think the entire world should now see itsNew Word Ordervision for the 21st Century& Beyond.

At present the New World Order these ‘mind controllers’ intend to usher into every corner of the globe, starting with the defeat of the Russian Bear, involves one of the most withering, sophisticated ideological bombing campaigns & barrages of Western propaganda against Russia and the East to ever have been waged in the modern annals of Cold War politics.

‘Cold War’ politics, Hah, that’s a royal laugh, indeed. Few observers in the U.S. Canada or the rest of the world only know a modicum, or virtually next to nothing – Nada – Zippo – about the many complex, vicious, clandestine, undemocratic things that both the East and the West have long been doing against one another’s ways of life in their age-old Cold ‘Hot’ War battle of philosophies, world views and the determined wills of their mutually aggressive leaders.

As the old folk-saying goes, the vast majority of the world’s people are either “Dumb as a sack of hammers” or, as another old American Black folk idiom goes, “They don’t know did dly-squat about nothing’”, including what really kicked off this latest war in Ukraine. Not a clue! They know about as much, or as little, as what kind of male insanity, not to leave out female insanity, really caused the American Civil War, World War’s I & II, the Korean or Vietnam Wars, and now the latest war in Ukraine. War insanity is pure Insanity. It knows no gender, race, creed or ideology.

This writer, himself, must admit he, too, only knows just enough of what is goading the West and East, (the Americans, Russians, Ukrainians, everyone else)to loudly pound their war drums and attempt to totally destroy one another. He knows, only too well, that when push comes to shove, he also doesn’t really know diddly squat himself about all the real ugliness that underlies the Ukrainian War, or any war for that matter, save that it’s just more of the same pure ‘Devil Evilness”, “Devil Worship”, “Black Magic” that comes, as it always does, from those same bad swamp places in peoples minds, hearts and souls.

He sees himself as just another human being caught up in this mad, crazed world who’s trying to make sense of what the hell is going on BEFORE, OR MAYBE until he’s blown to smithereens with everyone else.

And if it’s not meant to happen this time with the Russians MAYBE next time it will be with the Chinese who also seem to be on a collision course with the West. At whatever point in time, one way or another, it seems to be on the cards by the way so many now walk around these days, anxiously looking over their shoulders with bated breath.


To begin with, the majority of people in the world don’t know how the U.S. Canada, the UK and all the rest of the Western countries have been just as diabolically-evil, just as viciously-two-faced, secretive and clandestine, as Russia, China and their leaders have been in the East. From the outset of the hot and cold tensions between both sides, they each have done everything in their power, every step of the way, to frustrate any kind of peaceful resolution in the world.

An outsider would virtually need a PHD in historical American-Sino-Soviet relationships to even begin to know something of the more crucial details involved in the endless amount of hostile, divisive, anti-Russian, anti-Chinese actions; whether they’ve been taken under the watch of President’s Biden, Clinton and Obama, and their U.S. Secretary of State’s Anthony Blinken, Hillary Clinton and Asst. Secretary of State’s Victoria Nuland, not to mention the murderous hosts of other aggressive imperialist war hawks under them, who, for years, have labored tirelessly in Ukraine among other places to overthrow the Russian nation.

The latest example is the ugly, despicable, anti-democratic way that, in the case of Ukraine, its ruthless, brutal, neo-Nazi Azov Battalion first came to be an integral part of the Ukrainian government and since has continued to brutalize both Ukrainian-speaking and Russian-speaking Ukrainians in the separatist Maidan governments of Eastern Ukraine. It’s woefully disgraceful that the West (NATO, EU, UN) have intentionally fanned the smoldering flames of this crisis until it now has finally burst into raging flames.

But the West’s right-wing, corporate, propaganda organs (newspapers, news commentators, mass media platforms, et al) have made it consistently-clear that, for decades, the general citizenry of their ‘free’ and ‘open’ countries have, intentionally, been kept deaf, dumb and blind as far as what has always been needed to equally satisfy the Russians on their side of the great divide and the Ukrainians, Americans and their allies on the other side of the divide. Russia and the Russians have always been made out to be ’Hitler’s’ and ‘ogres’ of the ‘Evil Empire’; while the American’s, Canadians, Brit’s and all their allies are always “the liberators” and ‘good guy’s’.


Hell, most citizenry in the West have never ever cared much over the years about what has been going on in that part of the world, until now when the hostilities in Ukraine have now ‘suddenly’erupted into a hot shooting war. Most citizens in the West, especially those social media platform-dumbed-down ‘Under 40’-types,who before now didn’t even know some basic things like: what ‘NATO‘ meant; who and what the ‘NATO Alliance’ is or was or did; where exactly Ukraine was located and what their ethnic makeup was, or whether; Russia historically already had troops stationed in Eastern Ukraine since the 2014 ‘coup’ and before to protect its own Russian people and so never invaded, or; why NATO, long before the recent violent hostilities erupted, had faithfully promised Putin and the Russian people that Western missile bases and military troops would never be placed virtually on the Russian border within ‘quick strike of Moscow and other critical Russian  centres, but then blatantly lied and betrayed the Russians, or; why hostile Western U.S. powers and their NATO allies for years have resolutely blocked Russia from directly participating in peace talks with Ukraine, and help negotiate the all-important Minsk I & Minsk II Agreement that, had it been agreed upon and putin to place, the current war in Ukraine would never have been. Or what, in the end, really provoked the EU to call the War in Ukraine a so-called Watershed Moment and then took the unprecedented step to directly arm the Government and people of Ukraine with the latest in deadly killing armaments. The ignorance is scandalous.

One should already be grilling their political representatives in every Western country to find out what exactly provoked this watershed moment to which the EU so glibly refers to and who was or is the master chess master behind the scenes who decided this was the watershed moment to now so totally turn the entire world onto another course and direction?

Most ‘fair weather friends’, Sunday-morning quarterbacks and coffee-table kibitzers don’t know, never have cared to know, or never will know what really has driven so many unresolved issues between the East & West to this fateful moment; and yet they all now run around like crazed dolts and freedom-crazed revolutionaries, shouting “Freedom for the Ukrainians”, “Down with the Ruskies”, “Kill the Evil Emperor”, “Crush the New Hitler”.

One will now hear one idiot world leader after another in the West, like Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, UK PM Boris Johnson, US President Joe Biden, and all the West’s social media platforms, corporate news media and their billions of sycophant followers extol the need to come to the rescue of the Ukrainian peoples; offering them every source of: advanced small arms; the latest in Abram tanks; foods, clothing, monies and; anything else they might need to feed this latest violent cataclysmic political revolution until it reaches its fatal conclusion.

For the first time in modern history, the professional propagandists use of so much sanctimonious, reverential, almost ‘holy’ language, have so utterly brainwashed the peoples of the Western World that yet another revolutionary Empire to be created somewhere, this time, is being supplied, funded and provoked by all the world’s people themselves, without them even knowing what this new Empire will be about, who will lead it, or what its ultimate goal will be.


The objective of this diabolical Cold-Hot War chess match, that American right-wing extremists and Nazi politicians clearly have deftly engineered since the violent coup in Ukraine occurredin 2014, have been intent, or perhaps single-pointedly-obsessed, on totally vanquishing and taking Russia totally out as one of the world’s major powers and grandmaster competitor-foils to the West’s own endless maniacal desire for totally hegemony. This epic overthrow continues to play out before our eyes on a grandiose three-dimensional imperialist chessboard.

At present, every human who: can read a newspaper, low-level tabloid, or high-end editorial; orwho regularly watches the world news; in the morning at breakfast; over lunch in the afternoon; at night during dinner, or; before they nod off to sleep, continues to be pummeled, trounced, ‘swarmned’, non-stop, by hosts of skilled grandmaster-mouthpiece, ventriloquist-dummy ‘Charlie McCarthy’s’, like U.S. President Biden’s press secretary Jan Peski

Every nightshe, and thousands like her, woodenly stands there at the podium and repeat, like sophisticated automatons, what they’ve been programmed to repeat. Like compliant dodo-birds all the listeners and viewers in the press gallery and at home dutifully take notes, nod and duly absorb all the revolutionary talk of freedom and struggle meant to rid the world of yet another evil Hitler who would conquer the world. But, in the end, it’s just more of the same ol’ same ol’


Other victims of Neo-Fascism in the past, like the Ukrainian Jews, need the same revolutionary help from either the West or the East to overthrow their own oppressors with the same military and political help the Western World continues to so generously laud upon the Ukrainians. If there is ever to be a genuine new, people-based Revolution in the 21st Century, this time it must be for all oppressed peoples, everywhere: Palestinians, Rohingya, Burmese, the lot. Otherwise, it’s just another royal con and hose-job.

For years this freelance writer has written copious articles to try, in his own small inimitable way, to raise the world’s general conscious awareness of the murderous plight faced byFirst Nation people or Palestinian people who, for seventy-five years now, since the end of World War II, still find themselves, as do the Eastern Ukrainian people ,politically trapped in-between, on the one hand, a military-political vice of murderous Neo-Nazi Azov Battalion mercenariesin the West and authoritarian, fascist Russians in the East. We will return to this in a moment.

The British Journalist Yvonne Ridley: formerly the: chair of the now defunct Respect Party; captured by the Taliban in 2001; a convert to Islam who became an avid critic of Islam; said to be the most recognizable woman in the Islamic world and closest thing to a celebrity in that world; recently wrote some spot-on commentary in the February 23, 2022 issue of the Middle East Monitor. Ridley said, “The Palestinians have every right to ask why Western leaders, led by Biden, are imposing crippling sanctions on Moscow, and threatening more retaliatory action if it continues with its invasion of Ukraine, but don’t take similar action against Israeli colonialism.”

The Israeli watchdog-critic Writer Alison Weir further adds in If Americans Knew, “According to the US, the UK, the EU and Israel itself, Ukraine’s territorial integrity and sovereignty are sacrosanct. Why, though, do each and every one of them not apply the same principle to Palestine and the Palestinians?”

Mr. Weir goes on to further suggest, “Aren’t the people of that occupied land not entitled to their own territorial integrity and sovereignty without the reality of daily armed incursions by the aggressively-colonial state of Israel, a country which has never declared where its borders lie because its founding Zionist ideology demands its constant expansion into neighbouring countries, not just the land of Palestine. Until the UN and NATO roll out a level playing field when it comes to human rights, sovereignty and respect for others borders, we can expect to witness more invasions and land grabs as powerful states ruthlessly continue to act with impunity.”

Weir adds, “The old adage that truth is always the first casualty of war is playing out before our eyes. It is hard to know what is really happening in Ukraine. With Russia Today taking an obvious pro-Moscow position, while since the “BBC” has now gone “full tonto”, trustworthy sources of news are thin on the ground.”

Weir takes it even still further by begging the question, “Russian President Vladimir Putin insists his army is lending support to the breakaway republics of Donbass and Lugansk, but he would say that wouldn’t he? Meanwhile, his US counterpart, Joe Biden, is accusing the Russian leader of a full-scale invasion, but he would also say that, wouldn’t he? With reckless calls on all sides inciting other powers to take military action, where is this heading?” .”(The crisis in Ukraine exposes the hypocrisy of Israel and its Zionist allies – Middle East Monitor)

Liberté, Égalité, and Fraternité

Where this new Revolutions hould be heading, if it’s a real, genuine 21st Century revolution, is one that believes in the same equal rights, liberties and fraternities of all men and women everywhere, and not just yet another ruthless strong man takeover, like what the Israeli Zionists continue to fantasize will be the end result of their pure racist Jewish State.

The fact, however, is that the nation of Israel has clearly shown by its actions towards the Palestinian people and the State of Palestine that it has no intention, whatsoever, of ever doing anything of the kind. Which underscores the glaring hypocrisy so rampant in the Western World that, in 75 years of persecution of the Palestinians and theft of their homelands, the shameless government in Tel Aviv recently had the unmitigated gall to recently announce, without a hint of irony, “Israel supports Ukraine’s territorial integrity and sovereignty.” Such hypocrisy is truly breathtaking and seemingly knows no end.


Israel never has been picky to whom whatever fascist murderers they sell their weaponry, such as the Ukrainian Army’s neo-Nazi Azov Battalion. The stature of this Battalion of self-declared Neo Nazi’s has garnered a lot of international attention since it assumed a prominent position in the Ukrainian Army on the eastern Maidan Ukrainian front of the war against Russian separatists in 2014. This battalion is but one of many similar volunteer brigades to fight alongside the Ukrainian army in the east portion of the country, and has a well-known reputation for extreme brutality. The concerns quietly expressed by some Ukrainian politicians and Western allies in their corridors of power is that once fighting against the separatists ceases then the next big threat to the Ukrainian government and the state itself will be the harsh, embarrassing political views of these neo-Nazi extremists who, like unruly loose cannons, will be there for everyone in the world to see and hear.

Many soldiers in the Azov Battalion are said to be anti-Semitic, Holocaust-deniers and admirers of Adolf Hitler, which doesn’t exactly square with Jewish views. But in matters of business anything and everything is always for sale if the price is right. “It’s purely business”, as the old saying goes.

Many politicians in the West also have never had any qualms about their active support for the Zionist state, or openly declaring their backing for a Ukraine with neo-Nazi leanings. Either that or they simply keep discreetly quiet about their support of apartheid Israel’s ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians. Sadly, it seems the world of politics is always a Nazi-leaning one.

When one looks at the Western world’s complicity in any number of humanitarian disasters in places like: Yemen, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya and Palestine; all of them have similarly been victims, at one time or another, directly or indirectly, of NATO aggression and US imperialism.

Which, when one looks at the War in Ukraine from this angle any hope of peaceful resolution, or a progressive revolution any time soon, seems a long, long way away from either side.

The treatise offered here isn’t just about taking sides or picking Putin over Biden or vice-versa; this writer is certainly no fan of either. It’s about real peace, which, from where this one stands, still looks to be about a million miles away from both the White House and the Kremlin.

Is the ultimate goal of the master plan of this new Empire chessboard to simply now surround communist countries like Russia and China with untold numbers of missile and military bases? To throw up endless harbor and port blockades; cut off all banking transactions and modern technological communications? Is this how modern fascism now will work in every instance that some nation dares to go against the grain of the mob of Western elite thugs?

Back in December, Russian leader Putin sought to initiate talks with Biden and America to diffuse the situation. But the response from Washington was to ‘kick sand in Putin’s face’, the least diplomatic course of action to take when dealing with a proud leader like Putin, whose ego is the size of Red Square. But then maybe that was the plan all along that Biden actually intentionally planned it that way as part of a concerted elaborate international trap being set by all the fascist Western elites for the Russian Bear.

The take of many who ponder the final outcome of this whole new war now is that those like the Palestinians will only continue to look on in despair and wonder if it ever will be any different for them, where the Western or Eastern powers will actually agree to stop to pause and re-consider the territorial rights and sovereignty of those less strong than themselves, with the same apparent compassion they’ve shown on behalf of the people of Ukraine. Or, if standing up to Russia, in so-called “defence of democracy”, is laudable, then surely an equally laudable and noble principle would be to equally apply it everywhere; unless it’s only a hypocritical ruse when it actually comes to standing up for those like the Palestinians who continue to defy Israel’s illegal, undemocratically-occupied Palestine.


Victoria Nuland, a long-standing US Asst Secretary of State, was US President Obama’s key agent in Ukraine who originally helped oversee the unpopular right-wing coup in 2014 that overthrew Yanukovych’s popular democratic government with the neo-Nazi-leaning government of Yatsenyuk, favoured by Nuland and the Obama White House. This American-led coup actually could be called the “Beginning of the end of the Cold War” and “Beginning of the ‘Hot War’, in Ukraine that eventually could only have ended in the war that now is a reality.

U.S. Under Secretary of State Victoria Nuland, a long timeright-wing figure in US foreign policy and Soviet Affairs in the administration’s of President’s Clinton, Bush, Obama and Biden, and a key member of the notorious pro-Israel neocon Kagan family that, for years, has unduly influenced the United States long-standing pro-Israel, anti-Palestinian policies. Nuland also was one of the major players who engineered the violent anti-democratic 2014 coup in Ukraine that overthrew Ukraine’s democratically-elected ‘Neutralist’ government of Victor Yanukovych and directly led to the subsequent neo-fascist-leaning government of Volodymyr Zelensky.

Zelensky’s replacement as the head of the Ukrainian government was clearly the beginning of the end of the intense internal Cold War political warfare that has intensified ever since between the East and West since the coup, and culmination now of the war in Ukraine.

This heinous war in Ukraine, if allowed to continue, now threatens to culminate with the same World War III, end of the modern world scenario, that originally threatened to erupt, and was only narrowly avoided at the last minute, when a similar showdown between President John Kennedy and Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev in 1960 occurred with Russia’s attempted placement that time of ballistic missiles right on America’s doorstep, a relatively-short distance away from a quick strike at the US Washington D.C. capitol; just like NATO’s now threatened placement of ballistic missiles, even more dangerously-closer to a strike at Moscow’s capital, now continues to threaten to precipitate over the current hostilities.

(How and Why the US Government Perpetrated the 2014 Coup in Ukraine — Strategic Culture (strategic-culture.org)ow and Why the US

One last important footnote to the infamous 2014 Ukrainian coup, that has led the world to the edge of the precipitous dismal, vile place where it now stands, goes back to 2011.It happened when US operatives Eric Schmidt, now of Google, and Jared Cohen, also now of Google, were involved, back in 2011, with the planning and orchestrating of ‘popular movements’ to overthrow world leaders like Yanukovych in Ukraine and Assad in Syria. The many mass plots of assassinations, attempted assassinations, sniper-murders, false flag ‘massacres’ et al that followed are too numerous to mention. (Read: “Ukraine Over the Edge”, by Gordon Hah)


The Intercept, (theintercept.com), an award-winning news organization, by EBay Founder Pierre Omidyer, that offers journalists the editorial freedom and legal support they need to expose incidents of corruption and injustice, recently released an expose that, henceforth, Facebook, temporarily, for the length of the war or however much longer is still an unknown, intends to allow its billions of users to now ‘praise’ the Azov Battalion. This is unprecedented that a Ukrainian neo-Nazi military unit, previously banned from being freely discussed under the company’s “Dangerous Individuals and Organizations” policy, should now be offered by Western media, on a silver platter, such a propaganda tool. Facebook Allows Praise of Ukraine’s Neo-Nazi Azov Battalion (theintercept.com)

This is a major propaganda coup for the right-wing forces in America and around the world that has taken the handcuffs off of social media platforms ability to politically spin the story of the war, politically, in any number of different ways. The world’sright-wing supporters are now allowed to actually ‘praise’ and ‘adulate’ a neo-Nazi military battalion when explicitly and exclusively carrying out their role in defense of Ukraine’s right-wing government and display whatever such news on their international websites. This totally stands ‘truth’ on its head.

Facebook’s cleverly nuanced announcement will encourage all other social media platforms to ‘fall in line’, as well. This will allow all manner of even more praise of the Azov Battalion; with two of the world’s leading propaganda field marshals of the New World Order following suite in the person of Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Meta, commonly referred to as “Mark’s Meta Universe, the parent company of Amazon.com, and; Jeff Bezos at Facebook.com.

According to The Intercept, Internally-published examples of speech that Facebook now deems acceptable include such comments as, “Azov movement volunteers are real heroes”, “they are a much-needed support to our national guard”; “We are under attack. Azov has been courageously defending our town for the last 6 hours”; and “I think Azov is playing a patriotic role during this crisis.”

Now I don’t know about the reader, but just between you, me and the light post, I’m a bit old-fashioned and tend to believe that, “A NAZI IS A NAZI IS A NAZI!”

To this writer, this sly, facile, ideological policy shift by Facebook, though it claims to be pegged to the War in Ukraine, doesn’t alter the fact that the current right-wing Ukrainian Government still has enlisted, feted and employed the likes of the Azov Battalion that, by all accounts, are hardcore ultra-fascist nationalists whose Russian-speaking members from Eastern Ukraine, clearly espouse a white supremacy, neo-Nazi ideology.

Yet tellingly, they unequivocally are a notorious political-military entity who gained notoriety during the 2014 coup for alleged war crimes and torture; whose logo on their uniforms featured the Wolfs angel, one of the original symbols used by the 2ndSS Panzer Division DasReich. Azov Battalion’s founder and commander, Andriy Biletsky, in fact recruits his special forces from all over Europe under its flag that also is traced to that of the SS Das Reich.

The Battalion’s commander and founder, Andriy Biletsky, unabashedly sees himself as a white crusader of the white races against the ‘Semitic Untermenschen{subhumans].He has written a book, as well, titled The Words of the White Fuhrer that is used to indoctrinate the Battalion’s youth-wing to hate Russians.

Since the 2014 coup, the CIA and MI6 have been involved, as well, in helping NATO reorganize networks like the Azov Battalion. Erik Prince, the founder of Blackwater, a former American corporate entity of mercenaries, that Prince simply prefers to refer to as “Loyal Americans”, also has had past dealings with Prince and Blackwater, that since has been ‘rebranded’ the new mercenary group: Xe (Blackwater 2), and now Academi (Blackwater 3).

Blackwater, a company that also became notorious during the Iraq War when its “Loyal American mercenaries” murdered 17 Iraqi civilians. Prince in an opinion piece in the New York Times, indeed, otherwise once painted a romantic portrait of the history of such mercenary forces (“Soldiers of Fortune”), while advocating the private outsourcing of the then Afghanistan War, in the style of the old Dutch East India Company. (Opinion | Erik Prince: Contractors, Not Troops, Will Save Afghanistan – The New York Times (nytimes.com)

Yet thesad fact of the matter is that these are the types of horrible, ruthless people to which the local Ukrainians are now being subjected to in the new war with the blessings of the world’s politicians, who still go out of their way to laud these despicable warring forces.

Even the US Congress, in 2015, despite the Azov Battalion’s unmistaken able white supremacy ideology and war record, also overturned a ban on aid against them, and the Azov Battalion ever since have been richly- supported and awarded; militarily, financially, logistically and politically by NATO and the US. All toll, it amounts to a very ugly reality that the world’s brainwashed masses now herald in Ukraine.

Why don’t enough people in the world see the massive hypocrisy, all the way around, that is being played out in this war? Is this what Superman’s original motto meant by “The American Way”?


It’s always fascinating to see how art always mimic’s life and the real world exactly the way it should.

One of the biggest America’s DC COMIC book hero’s– Superman – had a motto that for some 83 years, since the rise of Hitler, boldly declared on its every issue (“Truth, Justice & The American Way”).

But so, too, much has changed everywhere since the Allies fought tooth-and-nail against Adolph Hitler’s Nazi hordes that were threatening the world and subsequently defeated them. But now America is in Europe, everywhere fighting on the side of the fascists this time around against who? The Palestinians? The Yemen? The Rohingya? Amazonians? Burmese? First Nations? Aboriginal Elders? Who are they for and who are they against?

America also has dramatically changed from the days of the New Deal and the Little Guy and become more progressively right-wing, fascist-leaning in its politics and religion. So, now, even Superman’s motto has had to change with the times, as well; because ‘The American Way’, that now means a lot of different things, some very good, some real bad, to a lot of different people. So, the gender and bi-sexual preferences of its main character – Clark Kent’s half-earthling son – Jon Kent – who has now come out as being bi-sexual, has been added to the storyline, and young lads and lasses will have to deal with all the hostility and prejudices that bedevil him or her. Isn’t that so de rigueur.

Now, the banner heading on every Superman comic has been significantly changed-to read“ Truth, Justice and Hope for a Better Day and a Better World. For a time, some at DC Comics thought it should instead read: “Truth, Justice and Hope for a Better Tomorrow”. But apparently they thought better of it that “A Better World”: might stand the test of time better than “A Better Tomorrow”, given the very real nuclear threat than now looms large on the horizon at this point in time. A smart move!(DC Comics Changes Superman Motto, Drops ‘American Way’ – The Hollywood Reporter )


What the West is doing to try to crush Mother Russia is pure evil. They are calling this a Watershed Moment. They can smell the blood in the water, they thirst for it and think they’ve got the Russian Bear cornered and finally can take him.

But if they’re wrong and the severely-wounded Russian Bear is not totally dead yet, and still has some tricks up its sleeve, one only has to recall the heroic struggle the Russian leaders and their people once bravely-marshalled against the once so-called ‘invincible’ Nazi Germans, to know what the West still is up against. In the end, for all the West’s efforts, we all might end up on the short-end of the same stick. And dead!

The EU, without any previous preceden tcontinues to ship weapons to Ukraine. A major taboo in international law has been violated. The only weak, dishonest lie the EU has to give is, “We live in unprecedented times!” No excuse! Only more lies. Zelensky tries to cover for his aggressions by sending out prepared smoke screen press releases about so-called ‘peace talks’, but then, before the talks even have begun, Zelensky says to the press, “I do not believe in the outcome of the peace talks.” More lies! It’s all cooked, made-up tripe.”

The genie is now out of the bottle. It’s ‘Open Season’’ on Commies. Putin and all the rest are looking for ways to cut off the snake’s head. It’s a daring, reckless gambit. Every human and every nation is under threat of being ravaged, with wide swatches of it left in ruins. With fascist forces looking to destroy the last of the real democracies the way the Communist Revolution once swept the world and led to a whole generation of rebellions, rebels, refugees, murderers bred on war and fueled by chaos. It’s not out of the impossible that someone’s quick finger on the button, in a moment of insanity, quicker than one can say Armageddon, or ‘BOOM’, places like: Ukraine; US; Russia; Kiev; Vladivostok; Moscow, and all places in-between in Europe’, North America, South America will be gone; segue to Turtledove’s trilogy in 2016.

In 2016, Author Harry Turtle dove, wrote a ‘Hot War’ trilogy on the effects of a Nuclear War: Armistice; Bomb’s Away; and Fall-Out. Turtledove wrote about an unthinkable ‘alternative history’ of an ‘unthinkable’ nuclear war caused by: a simple act of folly; one poor decision, or; one instance of rage; when the Cold War turns’ hot like now and the U.S. and Russia unleash their nuclear arsenals at one another.

Of course, millions die and millions more are displaced. Germans fight next to Americans. Polish freedom fighters stand next to Russian fascists; each is trying to protect their tiny portion of Mother Russiaor Mother Earth from extinction.

Yet in a 2022 setting it could just as easily be something like: Russian patriots fighting New World Order patriots, to protect Mother Russia from Ukrainian Neo-Nazi’s, Azov Battalion storm troopers and other mercenary armies.

With the weaponry and destructive power humans now have at their disposal, this moment is perhaps bigger than any one of the other revolutions that have ever come before – whether it be the American, French, Russian or Chinese. Yet most of the Human Race are still just as ignorant, selfish and brainwashed as what led up to and caused any one of the world conditions that contributed to them.


The Doomsday Atomic Clock was founded in 1945 by Albert Einstein who helped to develop the first atomic weapon in the Manhatten Project. The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists is sent every year to the Board of Scientists, eleven of whom are Nobel Laureates. The clock has become an internationally-recognized indicator of the world’s vulnerability to catastrophe, man-made or natural. It was last updated on January 20th, 2022 before the beginning developments of the war in Ukraine.

International analysts once said there was “no chance” that the Soviets would go to the ‘nuclear’ level over any issue with Korea, or even China and the US, but all bets are off when nations and peoples get pushed as far as the way the Western propagandists among the fascists in the world now are pushing.

Th closest the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists have said the Human Race has come to a ‘Doomsday’, ‘Armageddon’ moment was 3 minutes to Midnight during the Reagan arms race with the Soviet Union. In 2017, the Bulletin sent out its first bulletin update of the clock since 2015. By then the 3 Minutes to Midnight hands had moved closer by one minute to ‘2-and-a-half Minutes to Midnight’, the closest the world had been to Armageddon since 1952 during the Korean war and the H-Bomb tests. On Jan 20, 2022, before the Ukraine War broke open, the Doomsday clock was the closest it EVER has been to an apocalyptic moment, when it declared it was now only “100 Seconds to Midnight”, for a third-year running, given ever-increasing climate crises, wars and Pandemic fears. Yet back in 1953, the clock lost five minutes because of the US & Russia’s testing of nuclear weapons, and in 1979, lost three more minutes when India tested another nuclear device. In 1979, yet six more minutes were lost again when India tested another nuclear bomb. Taking into account all the natural disasters and proliferation of nuclear devices in Iran, North Korea and China the clock, at 100 seconds to Midnight is as close as it ever has been since created by Albert Einstein.

Where will it all end? Only the Shadow Knows!


Bio Note:        Jerome Irwin is a Canadian-American writer who once upon a time in university was a Criminology student while working in one of America’s local police departments. For decades, Irwin has especially sought to call world attention to problems of environmental degradation and unsustainability caused by a host of environmental-ecological-spiritual issues that exist between the conflicting world philosophies of indigenous and non-indigenous peoples.

Irwin is the author of the book, “The Wild Gentle Ones; A Turtle Island Odyssey” (www.turtle-island-odyssey.com), a spiritual odyssey among the native peoples of North America that has led to numerous articles pertaining to: Ireland’s Fenian Movement; native peoples Dakota Access Pipeline Resistance Movement; AIPAC, Israel & the U.S. Congress anti-BDS Movement; the historic Battle for Palestine & Siege of Gaza, as well as; the many violations constantly being waged by industrial-corporate-military-propaganda interests against the World’s Collective Soul