What really KP police is doing

Wadood Jan

If Khyber Pakhtunkhwa is known for many great reasons like food, traditions and cultures but it is also known brave police force.

The KP police have been fighting militancy and terrorism and saved the lives of people by sacrificing their own.

I have been moving around and visiting various places and departments and found this force performing outstanding duties amid fears of Coronavirus.

At market places, on the roads, at the gates and inside buildings of various departments the police force can been and very wisely managing the situation.

They deal and guide every citizen or visitor in situations and also remain dutiful with precautionary measures.

I also visited a few police stations and found that police were active, performing duties and don’t let the people suffer and managing the cases in available resources and due schedule.

BUT I found a few disheartening factors where the police force is vulnerable to coronavirus.

I noticed that a number police persons at station have no masks, sanitizers and hand washes.

Police run most important section of controlling crimes but they are performing this act amid fears.

No doubt the government has been doing commendable but with little effort may provide police stations and those performing duties on mobiles with masks, sanitizers and hand washes.

Lockups in police stations can only accommodate a few persons but in this troubled situation it can prove jeopardizing both for police personnel and accused or arrested persons.

The police department may consider the act or factor to at least clear or low the risk even a handy action will do this.

This evident that police force is doing great in the recent scenario and kind of over burned so the citizens need to extend most of cooperation and should avoid unnecessary engaging dialogues with police personnel.

The citizens must also follow their guidelines as the force has only mission to protect the people.

The Frontier Post has been supporting and standing by the police force in fighting Corona menace and lauds the performance of police in this troubled hour.

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