What we are eating today: loaded

Ameera Abid

This restaurant serves up steakhouse and diner staples like burgers, sandwiches, and fries but ups the comfort food level by pouring extra cheese over what you order, making the dishes more decadent and perfect for your social media.

Its most popular offering is the stack of sliders that can serve from three to five people. The staff working at the restaurant will pour cheese onto the stack to cover its outsides. You shouldn’t be afraid to make a mess because the restaurant provides you with gloves.

It is the ideal place to meet up with new people to break the ice.

Fortunately, the food tastes just as good as it looks, so you don’t have to worry about the food just looking good.

They have a variety of loaded fries, some of which are only for the brave as they are extremely hot and spicy.

The sliders, even without the extra cheese sauce, are soft and melt in your mouth. The brisket sandwiches are beautiful to behold and encapsulated in thick slices of brioche bread.

Even the pasta is smothered in rich cheese sauces and spices that make each bite explode with flavor.

The dishes at the restaurant are simple but perfected to be the best versions of themselves.

One of the best things about the restaurant was that it served drinks that were not overly sweet and complemented the food perfectly.

On top of everything, prices are reasonable, so it is perfect for a quick visit without thinking twice.

Courtesy: arabnews