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The Peak offers healthier options than your average fast-food outlet by using fresh beef and chicken and maintaining the right balance between meat and fat to create the best flavor.

Their signature order is the cheesy peak burger with one of their special sauces — spicy, maple, ranch, or spicy peanut.

They also offer very delicious fries with the restaurant’s special seasonings.

The menu is straightforward, but this allows you to enjoy customizing your orders.

For a bigger portion, go for the double peak burger, which looks like a blooming flower of extra taste, oozing cheese and soft bun. Aside from savories and burgers, the restaurant offers a range of ice creams, such as custard and muhalabiah, inspired by Mideastern culture and garnished with crushed pistachio and dried rose petals.

As beach picnics are all the rage in the Saudi Arabian summer, The Peak offers you a barbecue box for six people to get the most from your session on the grill. The box includes six slices of meat, a bottle of special sauce, cheddar cheese slices and six burger buns with or without sesame seeds, as well as salt and pepper. All you will need is a grill and good company to enjoy the day.

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