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ISLAMABAD: The Facebook-owned WhatsApp application has added a new button that makes group conversations a more enjoyable experience. This button is associated with group voice and video calls, which greatly improves them.

Users can now connect to a WhatsApp group and join the call in course from a group chat window. This brought WhatsApp closer to popular video chat applications like Zoom and Google Meet. You can now join group video calls directly from the chat tab.

For his part, a spokesperson for the popular application said: “We simplify automatic communication with your groups. Join calls in course with your groups in any time, effortlessly and directly from the chat view with a single click,” according to the British newspaper, The Sun.

The new button means you can call a WhatsApp group (or join a call) from the chat itself.

The redesigned notification will now appear with the group name instead of listing the attendees. Only people in the group will be able to join the call.

The call will also appear in the chat list, in so you can quickly and easily see which groups have calls in course.

WhatsApp also claims that the new button offers a “clearer distinctive ringtone”.

Interestingly, the new update is now widely available, and once updated, you will be in able to see the new design.

It is reported that in the beginning of questyear WhatsApp announced the addition of joinable group calls, which means you can join WhatsApp group calls in course after they have started, instead of losing the conversation if you didn’t accept the call invitation from the start.

Done and Undone buttons

WhatsApp has just released a new beta version, and this can help us to better understand what we can come to expect from the messaging platform when the version gets a wider rollout later on. The thing about WhatsApp is that it has provided a media editor for its users because of the fact that this is the sort of thing that could potentially end up allowing them to control how their media looks and customize it in ways that might just make it more engaging.

However, with the newer version of WhatsApp you will be getting two new tools that can make the media editor a lot easier to work with. For one thing, when you are done using a particular tool you will now be able to click on a Done button on the top left corner which will allow you to select another tool.

Another feature that is being added to the media editor is an undo button. This is a reverse arrow that can be seen on the top right of your screen when you have the media editor open, and it can allow you to easily undo the actions you have performed which is really quite important if you want to gain better control over the editing that you are doing for the media in question.

Both of these features will come together to allow the media editor to become a much more powerful tool for the numerous people that are using WhatsApp with all things having been considered and taken into account. Most users will be quite excited to see these features get a wider rollout, and it can help WhatsApp to become an important media sharing platform as well apart from its already stable status as one of the most popular messaging apps in the world.–

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