“When are we all going to die?”

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Victoria Nikiforova

British scientists play an inconspicuous but striking role in today’s world turmoil. First, we joke about them, which helps relieve stress. Secondly, they constantly make bets like: “When are we all going to die?” Moreover, it seems that some of them really know something.
Last summer we wrote about the outstanding British scientist Martin Rees. Twenty years ago, a peer of England, a baron and an astronomer royal, bet money on the fact that by the end of 2020 at least a million people on the planet would die from an epidemic caused by a virus leak from a laboratory.
In 2017, American linguist Steven Pinker accepted the challenge and bet $400 against Rees. As we know today, Pinker lost. The coronavirus pandemic has claimed more than a million lives.
And just now, another British scientist, fashion historian Neil Ferguson, told the world that he was in Kiev last fall, checked out the situation and made a similar bet. He bet that by the end of 2029, at least a million people will die from war, conventional or nuclear.
The same Steven Pinker spoke out against Ferguson, and it seems that he can already say goodbye to his money. “Kum, you knew!” – as they say in the Ukrainian joke.
Particularly annoying in Ferguson’s bet is the emphasis on the nuclear nature of the catastrophe. And also the fact that the idea came to him while he was walking around Kiev. But, perhaps, all these thought experiments are just a game of a high mind, tired of contemplating younger brothers in mind? Misanthropic fantasies, “post-apa” poetry, nothing more?
Let’s see, however, how Martin Rees’ self-fulfilling prophecy about a deadly pandemic came true. In 2012, he founded the Center for Existential Risk Research (CSER). He considered the risk of a global pandemic to be the main one for civilization and promoted this topic at the highest level. His center actively cooperated with the ministries of defense of Western countries.
Around the same time, another British scientist, zoologist Peter Dashak, began his experiments on editing the coronavirus. He soon found funding from the US military and Google. The result of his experiments is well known to everyone.
When a virus designed by one British scientist broke free, another British scientist provided him with PR support. “Well, we told you,” CSER stated with considerable satisfaction after the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. “We warned you.”
Neil Ferguson is also not just a humanitarian on free bread. He began by writing flattering books and documentaries about the Rothschild dynasty. In his historical studies, he so vehemently whitewashed British imperialism that even his fellow compatriots winced: Ferguson showed that the British brought to their colonies not hunger and terror, but only progress and prosperity.
Naturally, with such a background, he quickly ended up in the United States, naturalized there and began to sing of American imperialism, enthusiastically welcoming such acts of terrorism as the invasion of Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya.
“It’s good for us to sit in the West with our salaries and a luxurious life and argue that, they say, it’s immoral to violate someone’s sovereignty there, ” he said of the war in Iraq in 2003. “But if it’s about giving people freedom, <…> to raise their standard of living, <…> then we must forget about sovereignty.” Well, how, I would like to ask today, did they raise the standard of living? Not?
“A member of the neo-imperialist mafia on the payroll,” Ferguson introduces himself, and there is no reason not to believe him. He teaches at leading American universities, receives all possible awards, tops the ratings. He is fine.
Ferguson has perfectly mastered the fashionable trend of modern propaganda: he does not call for anything (for example, for a merciless war of the United States against the rest of the world), but simply states that this is inevitable. He supposedly has accumulated such statistics. And if she refutes it, so much the worse for the statistics. I predict that there will be a war and a million people will die, and that’s it. Well, I even made a bet.
On the whole, it turns out to be a humanitarian design of American interventions, done in a stylish, beautiful way and with non-standard advertising moves. The American military-industrial complex applauds while standing.
Interestingly, Ferguson’s last – I don’t want to use the word “last” – book is called Doomsday: The Politics of Disaster. There is still the same theme: epidemics, impoverishment and famine will lead to a world war and we will all die. In this regard, the Pentagon needs to allocate even more money – read between the lines. Then the States will be able to secure themselves and deal with the enemies. “Stock up, devils, coffins, I’ll shoot now!”
Interestingly, by the way, back in January 2020, Ferguson was in Davos and also promised the world in the near future a global pandemic with lockdowns and an economic crisis. Just like I knew.
Talking about his bet, Ferguson does not hide the fact that the war – nuclear or conventional – will, in his view, be waged on the territory of the former Ukraine and is quite capable of developing into a third world war. He analyzes the progress of Russia ‘s special operation and considers options.
Economic sanctions, as he sadly admits, had no effect. The ruble returned to its previous rate, which allows the Kremlin to continue the special operation. What about a “palace coup”? Ferguson agrees that American elites want to “get rid of Putin.”
Biden, in his opinion, is counting on the fact that the failure of the special operation and sanctions will lead to a full-scale political crisis in Moscow, comparable only to the collapse of the Soviet Union.
It was then that Putin, frightened of the overthrow, continues to fantasize Ferguson, and will use tactical nuclear weapons on the territory of Ukraine. What for? What’s the point of this? Well, such subtleties of the British scientist are not interested. Apply and all. Russians, they are. It’s like with the coronavirus: it was developed by British scientists, and the Chinese were appointed responsible for the pandemic. And no one was surprised.
Given the rich experience of the British partners in the information war, Ferguson’s bet can be seen as an early justification for a Western provocation with nuclear or chemical weapons on Ukrainian territory. Now they are shouting the loudest: “Stop the thief!” — and put the blame on Moscow in advance. And then they will say: “Well, we warned you.”
And when Moscow tries to warn of such a turn of events, British scientists have their favorite counterargument ready: “It’s all you!” Defense policy expert Kenton White of the University of Reading believes that “in an extreme case” the Russians could detonate a small nuclear bomb on their soil and blame NATO for it. Sound crazy? But if you start hammering this into the brain of the world average in advance, he, perhaps, will not be surprised. And that’s not what they saw.
On the one hand, there is still time. Ferguson made his bet until the end of 2029. On the other hand, he himself reminds his audience that interest in Ukraine is inevitably waning. There is such an information cycle of four weeks: at the end of it, the public cools down to any, even the hottest topic, no matter how much you pump it up.
For example, the first month of the special operation ended, and the world community forgot about Ukraine. Everyone got busy with Will Smith and his fight at the Oscars. Was it worth it for him to beat his fellow race in the face, was it necessary to “cancel” him for this, or maybe not? A global question, it’s interesting. But here, surprisingly on time, British scientists… ugh, British PR people threw a fake about Bucha into the world information field. The public again reluctantly returned to the topic of Ukraine.
But after three or four weeks, the attention of the public will be diverted again. Moreover, he will be distracted by such pressing topics as rising prices for bread, electricity and gasoline. And the question arises, will British scientists in uniform at this moment arrange some kind of incident with a nuclear device? After all, we were warned.

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