Where we are going today: daily edition Cafe in Jeddah

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Aside from visiting the beach, Jeddawis love a good breakfast and brunch spot.

Located at the heart of Al-Rawdah district — where most of the popular restaurants are — is Daily Edition Cafe; an attractive restaurant with an awesome music playlist, and one of the best culinary experiences you can find in Jeddah.

Their menu is very appetizing and nutritious — a combination I always look for when dining out, ticking all the boxes for a good restaurant experience.

I loved how colorful and unique their dishes are. I visited Daily Edition with my family, and we all ordered different things to share, including the “SE” croissant, salmon salad, the “Harvest Bowl,” mushroom risotto, and the “BB” pancakes.

Needless to say, we enjoyed every item. It was my first time trying cured salmon, and I found it to be delicious in their SE croissant.

Their salmon salad is delicious and nutrient-dense, made up of grilled salmon, fresh greens, avocado, shaved parmesan, soft-boiled eggs, and homemade goma — a Japanese sesame dressing.

The risotto, meanwhile, included a variety of mushrooms; enoki, cremini and more, placed on a soft bed of risotto rice.

Customers are very lucky that the “BB” pancakes are available in their all-day section. They are homemade with banana, blueberries, whipped cream cheese, spiced maple and popping boba.

Vegans will really enjoy their hearty “Harvest Bowl” made up of chickpeas, cauliflower, kale, roasted sweet potato, cucumber, red onion, avocado, various healthy seeds, and smoked maple dressing.

What also made my visit splendid was their welcoming attitude. Kind and helpful staff warmly greeted me at the entrance and made sure we had a wonderful dining experience.

Courtesy: arabnews