Where we are going today: Diora restaurant and cafe

JEDDAH: Diora restaurant and cafe offers a classy and luxurious dining experience and serves up dishes that deserve attention. Diora has two branches located in Al-Khayyat Center and Mall of Arabia in Jeddah.

The menu promises rich Mediterranean flavors and has something for everyone. It focuses on simple and high-quality dishes, from gourmet salads to plates of pasta for good value. 

From the appetizers, the beef carpaccio set atop a pile of greens is a refreshing option. It is a generous stack of thinly sliced meat with baby rocca on top served alongside parmesan cheese, olive oil, chimichurri sauce, and balsamic vinegar. 

Cheese lovers must try the goat zucchini rolls, which is goat cheese rolled up in slices of zucchini with honey drip and a sprinkle of pistachio.

A dish that should not be missed is the Diora parmigian, a mixture of eggplant, pesto sauce, and tomato sauce served with fresh mozzarella, pine nuts and balsamic vinegar. Mains are diverse and include wagyu beef fillet, corn-fed baby chicken, salmon teriyaki, veal and chicken Milanese.

For desserts you will find some of the usual suspects like tiramisu, chocolate lava, creme brulee and cheesecake. These beloved classics are crafted to perfection with every bite offering up a burst of sweetness and flavor.

Amongst their unique desserts is pain perdu, a house special of mixed brioche served alongside caramel sauce, vanilla sauce, and vanilla ice cream. Castroville, a meringue decorated with honey biscuit, crumble biscuit and creme vanilla is worth tasting.

The luxury service and casual dining with creative dishes on the menu makes Diora a perfect spot for diners.