White House highlights efforts assisting Pakistan

Jalil Afridi

Washington DC: White House National Security Communication Director, John Kirby stated that a total of 53.1 Million Dollars have so far been provided to Pakistan with regard to disaster relief assistance by the United States.

While addressing journalists at the White House, John Kirby stated that Pakistan is being faced by the worst kind of flood disasters which effected almost 33 million people, killed more than 1400, injured more than ten thousand, washed away infrastructure and four million acres of crops were destroyed. 

Kirby assured that the US was standing with Pakistan in these hard times and USAID Chief, Samantha Powers already visited Pakistan and her team of disaster response are present on ground in Pakistan. 

Beside the financial assistance, Kirby highlighted that the Pentagon also participated in these relief activities to Pakistan by delivering 400 tons of relief goods and nine planes were used to deliver these goods in Dubai yesterday.