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Who I met on Appalachian trail?

Written by The Frontier Post

By Amer Yousafzai

Bluemont, VA—Daniel also known as Sketch by his friends is backpacking from Georgia to Maine on the Appalachian trail. On June 19, Daniel reached the 1000-mile point in the state of Virgina.

He started the journey in March of this year and expects to finish by the end of September.

“I used to hike 12 miles a day but now I am planning to complete about 20 miles a day”, Daniel told the Frontier Post.

The entire length of the trail is approximately 2,200 miles meaning he still has 1,200 miles to go.

This is not an easy journey with the main threat to hikers being high winds, erratic weather, and steep rugged terrain among other things. Everyone should do their research before embarking on such a journey.

The trail which was completed in 1973 spans the entire eastern United States is maintained entirely by volunteers.

The trail normally takes 5-7 months to complete but the fastest time was 41 days. Every 10 miles or so there is a way stop for travelers to rest and recharge for a night before continuing their journey.

The trail is home to many kinds of plants and animals including but not limited to, black bears, white tailed deer, and even Grayson highland ponies.

People like Daniel see the most of nature through the most authentic lenses and it really shows that your world is not limited to a screen and that all it takes is some interest and dedication to see and appreciate the world around you.

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