Who is the author of Kazakhstani “revolution – 2022?”

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Ramil Garifullin
In connection with the situation in Kazakhstan, many analysts ask themselves the question of who is the leader of all that happened, who is the author of this project, what slogans are heard there (they were not), what kind of opposition is coming in Kazakhstan?
It turned out to be difficult to answer this question.
Some analysts are trying to reduce everything to narrow economic factors that are sufficient to satisfy and the problem will be solved. Others believe that this is a revolution and rebellion, and economic reasons are just a pretext or trigger.
Traditional and classical schemes of the development of history depict the revolution and rebellion known to us already in history.
Alas! It’s not that simple anymore! This is not just a revolution. The world has changed a long time ago, and the classic types of sociality and social movements in the era of postmodernism and the Hell of the Same Dollar are no longer applicable. Disadvantaged Kazakh agrarians do not riot. Those who rebelled are those who have learned the benefits of civilizational values, but then they were deprived of it. All of them are victims of global financial addictions (credit mania, mortgages, rates, gambling addiction, clan and crony bribes, various forms of debt slavery). I learned that some of the rioters in Kazakhstan smashed other people’s cars, while having their own hidden cars, for which the loan had not yet been paid.
Thus, in order for a revolt of these financially addictive masses to take place, leaders, opposition, political projects are not needed. This element of the financially dependent mas-ses. And it will grow in the world. The globalization dollar, planting the whole World on the Hell of the Same One, and then canceling these “benefits” by sa-nctions, will for some time always lead to riots. Kazak-hstan is just the beginning.
Outwardly, this will manifest itself in the form of some private economic factors. For example, in Kazakhstan, such a factor was the increase in gas prices. But the main plot is not in gas, but depending on the Hell of the Same … dollar. All these are just components of the globalization process, from which the Hegemon has taps.
This tap by the Hegemon will begin to turn on more and more often. At the same time, the direct authorship of the Hegemon will be difficult to prove. This will always be an indirect and indirect influence. Apparently, the zone of influence has already been selected. These are the countries of the CIS and neighboring countries. This will be a great survival test for Russia.
In the past few days, in connection with the events in Kazakhstan, it is likely that not only the concept of Russia’s political and economic survival, but also the country’s physical survival will be thoroughly revised.
It is useless to develop a new concept of Russia’s survival without taking into account the modern realities of the postmodern era and the globalization projects of the Hegemon and the West, discussed above.

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