Who will rein in the unbridled

Who will rein in the unbridled inflation?

Attiya Munawer

After Gujranwala, the PDM’s rally in Karachi was also successful, but the people have no interest in opposition’s protest rallies, they are worried about who will control the rampant inflation? With this rising inflation, and unemployment, the faces of the poor and the youth are withered, the highly educated youth is stumbling for the job, the purchasing power of the people has died in the face of rising inflation, while the voices of business people are coming out.

After the PTI government came to power, the people were happy that for the first time, the country got a Prime Minister who has no stain of corruption on his feet. It will open the door to prosperity for the people, but the government’s actions so far seem to have plunged the people into a deep abyss of despair. Inflation has risen to 300 per cent in the last two years. So it is that flour, lentils, vegetables, which used to be called the food of the poor, are now beyond the purchasing power of the poor, in view of the speed with which the monster of rising inflation has engulfed the masses. It seems that there is no law or institution in this country that can get its hands on the industrialists, mill owners, traders and stockists who raise the prices of products as they please. The government and the administration have become a picture of repentance and the people are seen sinking into the mire of inflation.

There is no doubt that the PTI faced various difficulties as soon as it came to power, the burden of foreign debts, the non-profit mega projects of the former government, the retaliation of friendly countries with the sword of FATF has increased the difficulties. Prime Minister Imran Khan is trying his best to tackle the problem with his colleagues, so the government gets some general support at the public level, but controlling inflation is purely the government’s job.

According to the report of the Bureau of Statistics, the rate of inflation has increased by 4.5% in a week. The increase in the prices of 25 essential commodities in a week is a cause for concern. How long will the people be able to bear this rising inflation, while their purchasing power is running out? Prime Minister Imran Khan cannot satisfy the people with mere announcements to curb inflation.

The PTI government is making announcements to control inflation, but the results of the government’s announcements are not reaching the people, as government ministers are busy thwarting the opposition movement instead of focusing on providing relief to the people.

The opposition leadership is not worried about the hunger and destitution of the poor, they are worried about saving power and gaining power, even those who chanted the slogan of respect the vote are undermining the self-esteem of the people and even after enjoying thirty years of power, they are not satisfied. Instead of this, a morsel of bread has been snatched from the mouths of the people. The opposition has apparently come out to save democracy, but it is not raising its voice for the people. Food prices are rising day by day, it has become difficult for the people to get two meals a day, the government and the opposition are indifferent to the people.

The government is relying on anti-inflation announcements to control inflation. In contrast, government announcements to control inflation are ineffective and commodity prices skyrocketing. In Lahore, mill flour has become more expensive and reached Rs 84 per kg, while sugar is being sold at Rs 110 and eggs at Rs 200 per dozen. Food items have become out of reach of the common man due to discrepancies in government announcements and measures. And the people are beginning to look disappointed with the rulers.

It is clear that a few profiteers and hoarders in the country have further narrowed the scope of life for the poor, but the government can turn the frustration of the people into hope by ensuring prompt action against the profiteers. It will also have to activate the system at the district and tehsil level to control inflation. It is a simple mismanagement and incompetence that the administration seems to be failing to implement the rates set by the government. The government seeks solutions to the problems using state powers, while the point here is that no one is ready to understand and fulfill their responsibilities.

The complicity of rampant inflation includes patronage of profiteers from top to bottom. Yes, the government should crack down on big mill owners and hoarders instead of appeasing the people by using Tiger Force behind small traders, so that by creating an artificial crisis in the market, these people can refrain from halving the skin of the poor, and uncontrollable inflation can also be curbed.

The main agenda of the Pakistan Democratic Movement is to save itself. However, in view of the situation, the rising inflation is being shifted to the political agenda. If the opposition succeeds in this strategy, the administrative crisis will intensify. It can be a threat to the government. To avoid this, people need to be made aware that the government will be able to curb rampant inflation and only the trust of the people can be a strong shield for the government.

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