Why did actress Hadiqa Kiani slap male colleague?

F.P. Report

KARACHI: After singer and actress Hadiqa Kiani’s brilliant performance in her debut drama ‘Raqeeb Se’, the Pakistani celebrity is now setting the bar high with equally delightful performance in drama serial ‘Dobara’, starring opposite actor Bilal Abbas Khan.

However lately a video has been circulating on the internet featuring Hadiqa and another actor known as Usama Khan. The video has managed to grab attention as it showcases the colleagues at the set of ‘Dobara’ while Hadiqa can be seen slapping Usama multiple times in order to get a proper shot.

About to reveal something which will make you fall in love with the renowned musician Hadiqa’s personality. Even though Hadiqa slapped her co-star just so that a proper scene could be recorded, she ended up apologizing to Usama Khan multiple times obviously because she felt bad.