Why did EU declare itself the Arctic?

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Mikhail Sheinkman

Unable to prepare the sleigh in the summer, the European Union wanted to get into the wrong one. If already in October we are freezing like in the Arctic , they thought in Brussels , why not declare itself the Arctic. So they wrote: “The European Union is in the Arctic. Full participation of the EU in Arctic issues is a geopolitical necessity.” The last phrase is in bold. Although their whole strategy is from the series: isn’t it too bold? They also demand to ban mining here. Not necessarily everyone.

Western classics. If you can’t, but you really want to, then you can make it so that others can’t. So the EU decided to apply the elephant principle in a china shop, which once again showed its geographic cretinism. Elephants don’t survive here. They are now not comme il faut even in Europe itself. And all because there they also accepted the third energy package in order to control what does not belong to them – Russian gas. He doesn’t belong to them. They don’t have it at all now. And winter rolls into your eyes.

And now you can compose fables, legends, anecdotes about the famous foresight of Brussels. And bonfires. This is perhaps the best application of their energy documents – for ignition. The “Arctic Strategy” should also be sent there, the whole point of which is only to, if not catch up, then at least warm up.

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