Why did the American spy frighten off the passenger plane and what does the Iranian liner downed by US have to do with it?

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Elena Stafeeva

33 years ago, an Iranian airline’s Airbus A300B2-203 passenger airliner flew to Dubai and, after a seven-minute flight over the Persian Gulf, was shot down by a surface-to-air missile launched by the US warship Vincennes. The Americans admitted that they shot down the plane, but not only did not apologize for the tragic incident, but also awarded the officer who gave the command to fire the rocket. As a result, 274 passengers and 16 crew members were killed. For three decades, the Americans did not even think to admit their guilt. Moreover, by their actions over the Black Sea, they prove that the civil aviation of other countries means nothing to them. So, are you ready to repeat?
Let us remind you that during the flight from Israel to Moscow on December 3, the Aeroflot board had to evade the American reconnaissance aircraft, which was 20 meters away. The fact is that such military aircraft can very well see everything that is far away, but they are absolutely blind and deaf to civilian airliners. A dangerous incident occurred in the morning at an altitude of 10 kilometers. As a result, the Russian plane was forced to change its echelon. What was regarded by the Russian Foreign Ministry as creating a threat to our aviation due to the actions of NATO, the board of which was dangerously maneuvering at an altitude intended for civil aircraft and did not respond to requests from air traffic controllers. In all likelihood, the crew of the reconnaissance aircraft made their own decision, deviating from the agreed route and not giving a damn about safety standards.
In the situation with the American aircraft, the matter took place in the international space. The plane did not enter the zone, which is our territory and is guarded by Russian air defense. It is clear that if an incident occurred in our airspace and the crew of an American military aircraft refused to comply with the requirements to leave it or accept the requirements for landing and arrest, then, of course, he would be shot down. We have rules on how to deal with border violators, an algorithm is spelled out there, in what sequence the actions take place. Shoot down the plane as a last resort, military experts explain.

  • Western media and politicians like to be indignant at the “dangerous maneuvering” of the Russian Air Force, when we escort uninvited guests from our own borders. Our military aviation is pushing this type of aircraft out of its territory. These are the measures that we have provided for ousting spies. And this side threatened a civilian liner with peaceful passengers on board – this is dangerous maneuvering. American pilots do not adhere to any codes of honor, just as the United States does not abide by the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea. They believe that everything is available to them, – military expert Alexei Leonkov told Life.
    All civil aircraft obey the requirements of the dispatchers and fly in those echelons that are assigned to them. It happens that air operators who monitor flight safety can inform aircraft about the danger of a collision and change the route, such precedents are no exception.
    In relation to Russia, the Pentagon is behaving defiantly. According to the military, this could lead to the fact that Russia will be forced to meet these planes in advance and prevent them from maneuvering so dangerously and interfering with civilian air traffic. Experts note that there were a lot of such maneuvers on the eve of the war with Iraq. Then the Americans interfered with the Arab planes, created problems in the Middle East, but the Western press practically did not write about this.
  • If, God forbid, such reconnaissance maneuvers lead to the catastrophe of our civilian aircraft, then, I think, the American aircraft will immediately receive retribution, because the anti-aircraft missile system will reach it anywhere in the Black Sea, – said Leonkov.
    American reconnaissance aircraft, like UAVs, have recently shown increased activity in the Crimea and Donbass region. They regularly violate Russian airspace. This is one of the forms of demonstration of non-recognition of the belonging of the peninsula to Russia, according to political analyst Alexander Rogers.
  • If someone has forgotten, a similar flight from Tel Aviv was once shot down by the Ukrainian military during an exercise during Kuchma’s time. And they didn’t even think to apologize. Probably, the current US administration believes that only the lives of blacks matter (BLM), and all the rest can be neglected, the expert noted.
    It is very dangerous to clap a weapon where civilian planes fly, political analysts say. According to experts, now it is necessary to take all possible measures and get through to the Pentagon.
    Our pilots, in a situation where there was twenty meters between the NATO military aircraft and the Aeroflot board, made the absolutely right decision. The reconnaissance plane turned off the transponders, therefore, only the dispatchers saw it. This situation is critical for such a saturated corridor as the Black Sea, because the load on this section has increased due to the overflight of other aircraft from Ukraine and Belarus due to aggravation. Therefore, regarding this dense region, a statement is needed not only from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, but also from the Ministry of Defense. Because these scouts from the point of view of radar see very far, but they are blind to other planes near, as they turn off the means of identification. This is now the most important thing that Western politicians should realize. Their military maneuvers endangered the lives of hundreds of people. Otherwise, disaster will follow-Marat Bashirov, Political scientist.

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