Why there is no Islamic theory

Why there is no Islamic theory of International Relations?

Asif Manzoor

The world of theories is very vast. Theories place central place in any discipline of science, philosophy and divinity studies. Theories of international relations is a discipline which places itself at the core of the debate of international relations. There is a heavy Western influence on the field of IR theory. According to one study TRIP Around the World 33% of the realist theories occupies the place of debate among IR theories. As the large amount of realist thinkers opposed the Iraq War in the United States.

The reason why the disciplines like international relations and defence and strategic studies talks heavily about the material developed by the US, UK and Australian intelligentsia. Because they developed these disciplines. Europe also share this intellectual legacy of US and Australia.

Why there is no Islamic theory of international relations?

Today’s experts of international relations lie among the English-speaking world. Only there is one academic attempt that had been made in the 90’s a one student of late Dr. Tahir Amin-a preeminent IR theory expert in Pakistan – wrote M.Phil. thesis on the topic of Islamic Theory of International Relations. There is a plethora of literature that has been produced on the name of Islamic views on world politics. But there is absence of attempt to develop an Islamic theory of international politics.

The roots of developing Islamic theory of international relations or international politics. As international politics is different from international relations. International politics emphasizes the role of power at international level and the IR term includes cultural, politico-strategic and economic affairs among the nations at international level. So, crystallizing the view do we need a theory of international politics of Islam or Islamic theory of international relations. I think both of these approaches are needed here to make a strong case for the strong sub-field of Islamic studies.

Will Islamic theory of international politics/relations be analyzed under the subfield of Islamic studies or international relations. There is a mixture of Islamic studies and the discipline of International relations is required to develop Islamic theory of International politics/relations.

After agreeing to what will cause the development of the theory of Islamic international relations or Islamic IR. It deems necessary to chart out the contours of Islamic theory of international relations or politics. Very first thing is what Islam says about politics or political science. As evident enough political science is more aged than Islamic studies. Islamic studies is more aged than IR. So, we will be producing an intra-discipline approach to develop the Islamic theory of international relations.

Now, the practical aspects of theory come. Does it suffice to say that if Muslim scholars had developed Islamic theory of IR before the catastrophic event of 9/11 happened. It can be argued that the Islamic defence at international level can be at the better place. Many social, economic and political issues confronting day by day can be dealt with an excellent manner more especially if international focus of Islam has been developed.

After reviewing the overall debate said above it can be said with conviction that the theoretical and practical aspects of Islamic views on IR are Islamic theory of international relations is possible. Unfortunately, since the dawn of the twentieth first century Islam has been associated with terror and the Islamic view of IR is Islam permits terror on the name spreading Islam. The mis-understanding of Jehad is one of the founding obstacle to develop Islamic view on international politics. Why is there on IR theory of Islam because of the weak defences of Islam at international level. If we determined to uproot these reasons there is a possibility that a sound Islamic theory of international relations can be developed.

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