Winds of change blowing in Thar: Shah Mehmood Qureshi

F.P. Report

KARACHI:  People of Thar are deprived of the basic faculties of life as the sitting rulers of Sindh are not sincere to develop this neglected region, said Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf (PTI) Vice Chairman Makhdoom Shah Mehmood Qureshi addressing a big rally at Chachro on Saturday.

He said today this historic rally at Chachro shows the popularity of the PTI in Sindh. He said we are not in government and we have no state resources, but still people are attending our rallies in a large number. He said he salutes the masses of Thar for making today’s rally a historic success. He said an assembly member recently said some people come to the Thar from other areas and they have not relation to the Thar. He said today the people of Thar present in this rally can tell that PPP MNA what is my relation to the Thar.

They will tell him that my relation to the Thar is older than his relation to the Thar. He said the government used all-out resources in 2013 to keep him away from the Thar. He said 32 polling stations in the Thar were torched and election result was delayed for 15 days. He asked: “If you were the winner why the result was delayed for so many days.”

Makhdoom said if someone is not happy with his visits to the Thar and local people have any objection on his visits they should tell him and he will leave the region after praying for the welfare of its people. On this the people attending the rally said No, by raising their hands.

He said had the RO plants costing Rs800 billion providing drinking water to the Thar, he would have no need to come here. He said if the basic heath units were providing healthcare to the people and Thari children were not dying of diseases and malnutrition he would have no need to visit the Thar. He said if the wheat supplied for the starved Thari people was not eaten by the ruling party leaders he would have no need to visit the Thar. He said the Thar has coal worth trillions of rupees and if this wealth had raised living standard of the Thari people he would have no need to visit the Thar.  He said the winds of change have already been blowing in the Thar.

He said more than 1000 schools are closed in the Thar. He said his political acumen tells him that people of Sindh are supporting the PTI. He said he has come here to spread the message of peace and justice of the PTI. He said poverty is increasing in the country. The rate of unemployment has crossed 9perccent. Today the governments’ loans are more than Rs27000 billion and this is huge burden on this poor nation. He asked the masses if they are content with this Pakistan or need a new prosperous Pakistan. He said the PTI would continue to strive for the basic rights of people.

PTI leader Haleem Adil Sheikh, in his speech, said today the whole Sindh is fed up with the corruption of rulers. He said the rulers even did not spare the wheat released for famine-struck Thari people. He said the PPP rulers have snatched the rights from the people of Sindh but the PTI would give them these rights back. He said now even Thar has witnessed a change.

PTI leaders MNA Lal Malhi, e-MPA Arbab Anwar, Abdul Razaq Rahimon, Dost Muhammad Memon, Dilawar Malknai, Pir Taj Muhammad Shah Jeelani, Jay Parkash Ukrani, Aarab Bheel, Bhagwandas Bheel and others also spoke.

On the occasion, a large number of people belonging to Kolhi and Bheel communities announced to join the PTI.