Woman hauls goods by wheelbarrow to heldp family

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KABUL (TOLOnews): Struggling with a deteriorated economy, a woman in capital Kabul is carrying goods from markets to residences with a wheelbarrow to earn money in a bid to make ends meet for her family. Sosan, whose husband has been missing for more than one year, is now taking care of her five children alone.
“I go from this square to another to find a market. I carry people’s materials with a lwheelbarrow to their residences,” she said.
“My kids complain to me about their life when they see other children in a good condition. Their words make me sad,” she said.
Sosan left Balkh for Kabul after Islamic Emirate forces overran the northern province. She wanted to go to foreign, but she couldn’t cross the gate because days after the collapse of Balkh, the Islamic Emirate took Kabul as well. She said that her three children are extremely ill, but she is unable to treat them.
“My kids are sick. One of them has mental problems. Another one was severely ill, I thought he might be infected by chickenpox. My third son has a problem with his tongue,” Sosan said.
“We don’t have uniforms or school, books. My mother must purchase them for us when we go to school,” said Nargis, 7, Sosan’s daughter.
Sosan’s nine-year-old-son collects garbage from trash cans and bring it home to warm the room.
This comes as the World Food Programme raises alarms that around 95 percent of the Afghan population is facing starvation.
“Hunger continues rising in Afghanistan. 95% of the population don’t have enough to eat,” the WFP Asia said on Twitter. “In Jan., 8 in 10 income-earning households experienced a significant decrease in income, with Kabul hit the hardest. Worse still, some were forced to brave the cold month with no income at all.”
“Our plan for countering poverty in the country focuses on several points such as the establishment of a fund-box, attracting national and foreign investment, and regional cooperation and trade between the countries,” said Abdul Latif Nazari, an economist.
To avert the humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan, the UN said it will appeal for more than $4 billion fund in 2022.

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