Women empowerment A way to economic well-being

Women empowerment: A way to economic well-being

Shazia Shahzad

It is quite interesting that the two oldest identified professions namely hunting and foraging (now farming), were specialized by men and women together. Today, we stand at the threshold of our evolution where we have unlimited professional options ranging from Engineering, Medical, Education, Sporting, Entertainment, Hospitality, Technology, Architecture, Tourism just to name a few. Still, we see disparity between both genders as have been unable to maintain the balance to give equal opportunities based on talent.

Mostly women have been struggling in getting the right opportunity and recognition even though they have the education and talent to prove it in most cases. Though in the western world we see a lot of progress in creating awareness and making appropriate laws to protect the rights of women at workplace. Such steps encourage economic equality between genders and creates a conducive environment such as Western Europe shows promising economic uplift of their societies due to gender inclusion.

To accelerate positive change in Pakistan, IT & Telecom innovations will pave the way for a Digital Pakistan. Fixed and wireless service providers in the country are working towards this vision to create economic opportunity for everyone by digitizing the country. Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited among others was quite active during COVID-19 having collaborations with international players like Huawei, Nokia and Telenor to bring new solutions and services like faster internet with Fiber-to-the-Home and Virtual Data Hosting. Such solutions will help create online jobs and skill building for women at from the ease of their home. Through these efforts that include participation from women, we can achieve collective success and put Pakistan on the global digital map.

Western countries like France and Germany are known to be secular torchbearers as they have powerful women at leadership positions in their corporate and government sectors. Pakistan, on the other hand, has a diverse culture and tradition that is closely knitted with the belief system of people. We have ample opportunities and talent in Pakistan where women are making their mark in their respective professions. Furthermore, it is safe to say that we are bridging the gap with availability of internet as young graduates and women are empowered with access to information and knowledge.

According to the Global Gender Gap Report 2020; none of us will see gender parity in our lifetimes and nor likely will many of our children. Unfortunately, this reveals that gender parity will not be attained for 99.5 years. This statement may have melancholy associated with it; however, the wheel of change never stops. All we need to do is empower our women and support them to reach their maximum potential for better economic stability and a more groomed society. We can see now women coming up as entrepreneurs in our country with lots of success stories as now we have platforms like National Incubation Center that support startup culture in Pakistan. It is heartening to see that more women are coming out of their comfort zone to take on new challenges which will create a positive and wholesome gender balanced society.

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