Women mistreated in Kabul, activists seek probe

KABUL (Agencies): Video circulated on social in the last two days shows two young women are beaten up by a man in front of two police force members in downtown Kabul.

One of the women said they were beaten twice by a man who was part of the security crew of a high-ranking government official who was about to pass through the area with his convoy.

The girls were not ready to speak on the record about the incident but one of them told TOLOnews in a phone conversation that they were horrified and that they want punishment for the perpetrator.

She said the road was blocked for a high-ranking official and that she asked two security guards of the official to open the road for a car that carried a woman who was feeling ill. But the woman said, she was stopped and was mistreated.

She added that when the high-ranking official’s convoy passed through the area, the road was reopened for other cars but their car was stopped and the man came back and beat them up once again.

The incident sparked anger among social media users and women’s rights activists who called it a “coward” act and called for justice for the two women.

Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission (AIHRC) described the incident a “clear violation of human rights” and urged security and judicial institutions to probe the incident and arrest the perpetrators.

“What we see in the video is in contravention of human dignity,” said Zabihullah Farhang, head of the media office of the commission. Women’s rights activists said beating up women in front of policemen is “shameful.”

“Police have the responsibility to ensure the safety of the people. Unfortunately, police sometimes keep silent or ignore crime. This is shameful,” said Sarah Sirat, a women’s rights activist in Kabul.

Another activist, Shamila, said such incidents will affect parents’ trust in society and they will not allow their children to appear in public places.

Interior Affairs Ministry’s spokesman Tariq Arian said the main culprit involved in the beating the women has been identified and the two police officers are also under investigation.

“We have conducted an investigation into the incident. Two policemen at the scene were also summoned and an investigation is underway,” Arian said. “The main suspect for the violence has been identified. We summoned him for an investigation. The result of the probe will be shared with the people soon.”

This comes a week after money exchangers in PD5 of Kabul claimed that they were beaten by police force members.

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