Women-only restaurant starts in Kabul city

KABUL (TOLOnews): Samira Mohammadi, a woman in Kabul, has started a special restaurant for women and has provided work for more than 20 female workers, including many students.
Samira Mohammadi said that by given the current situation, she decided to open “Banoan Afghan” restaurant.
“We have women workers here, some of them were university students and some of them were school-age students and some of them are women who are the only breadwinners for their families,” said Samira Mohammadi.
Khalida is working in this restaurant. She was a student in the law faculty and considered serving the country as a diplomat in the future. She says she was fed up with unemployment.
“It was my second class at my university when our university was closed to girls, I wanted to find a job because I was facing mental issues and now I am working here,” said Khalida.
“We call on the Islamic Emirate to reopen schools and universities for us and to provide work for everyone to get out of economic problems,” said Rukhsar, a student.
Meanwhile, the establishment of this restaurant has attracted the attention of a number of girls and women. The women who come to eat at this restaurant are happy it exists.
“On the day I am free, I come here to the restaurant. This restaurant has to some extent solved some women’s economic problems,” said Quraishi, a customer.
“We come here daily, it’s a good place and has delicious food,” said Omrah, a customer. The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Women said that after the Islamic Emirate took over some women started businesses.
“We hold some exhibitions all over the country and we will hold them in foreign countries… most of the exports are made by women,” said Salma Yosifzai, CEO of the Women’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
Based on the Women’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry statistics, more than 8,000 businesswomen are registered in this chamber and more than 120,000 women have informal business activities.