Women open center in Herat to teach sewing

HERAT (TOLOnews): A women’s tailoring training facility has been created by two sisters in the province of Herat for young women who have been denied access to education.
“We have more than sixty students here, which includes housewives, girls, and university students,” said Yalda Yousefi, the head of the sewing school.
Girls studying at the center asked the Islamic Emirate to reopen schools and universities for girls in the country.
“Girls can continue their education if schools and universities are opened to them. They should be allowed to pick a path for themselves and determine their future instead of staying home and wasting time,” said Samira, a student.
“We ask them to reopen our schools, so that those who are interested in the school can go to school and get an education,” said Fatema, another student.
Some female students who learn sewing in this center said that they suffer from psychological pressure due to the closure of schools and universities.
“Most of the women turned to sewing once schools, universities, and educational centers were closed,” said Suhaila, a student.
“A person’s spirit grows stronger while they work. At home, we were feeling tired and unpleasant, and there was nothing to do,” said Asma, another student. For girls in Herat, several sewing and other trade training facilities have opened in more than a year and a half.
Following the closure of schools, universities, and educational centers for girls, most girls have started learning handicrafts.