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Women’s enrollment in key security posts increases: Ministers

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KABUL: The acting defense and interior ministers said that the enrollment of women in high-level positions within the two ministries has increased notably.

Currently, the number of women working within the Ministry of Defense and Ministry of Interior is nearly 6,000, said the security officials.

The statements were made at the meeting of the Joint Gender Committee of the Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Interior

“We are strongly committed to the role of women in the security sector. We are trying to create the conditions for better education for them inside Afghanistan,” said acting Minister of Defense Assadullah Khalid.

“From the total number of 3700 women working within the Ministry of Interior, 400 of them are working in civilian posts and from that number, 200 of them were hired during the past eight months,” said acting minister of interior MassoudAndarabi.

Meanwhile, Afghanistan’s First Lady RulaGhani said that the enrollment of females will further boost cooperation in the institutions.

“This does not mean that the women came to replace the males, they (women) are coming so that their cooperation becomes more strong,” said RulaGhani, Afghanistan’s First Lady.

At the same event, NATO representative Holly Holzer in Afghanistan said that the alliance and its partners were still committed to peace and security in Afghanistan:

“NATO and the allies and partners will continue their commitment not only to women in the security forces but to ensuring that the security forces are able to secure peace for the future of Afghanistan–that commitment will continue,” said Holly Holzer, the NATO deputy senior civilian representative in Afghanistan.

While speaking at the gathering, acting Interior Minister MassoudAndarabi reported a 10 percent decrease in the casualties among members of the Afghan security forces since last year, adding that the capacity among the security forces have increased by 36 percent. (TOLOnews)

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