Women’s market inaugurated in Afghan Capital City

KABUL (TOLOnews): A company established an exclusive women’s market in Kabul, providing more than a hundred female businesswomen an opportunity to find employment. According to the person who established this market, the goal of creating this market is to provide women who have been out of work for the last two years with greater employment opportunities and facilities. “The main purpose of creating this market is to provide convenience for all the women who live inside Afghanistan in the current situation,” said Rajmana Khaliqi, the founder of the market. The sole breadwinner of her family, Olya Ahmadyar, a shopkeeper at the market, said that she has been in business for more than 18 years and that she can confidently sell her products at this shop. “We are pleased that this location has been established because there was previously nowhere for our items to be sold. We are getting orders and have sales,” Ahmadyar said. Businesswomen at the market expressed their gratitude for the establishment of this secure space for women and asked the Islamic Emirate to support businesswomen. “It is really good, especially for women, since here the ones who provide are also women, and the ones who buy are also women, which means that women serve women,” Shukria Ahmadyar, a businesswoman said. “I ask the Islamic Emirate to support us in selling our products,” said Feroza, a businesswoman. Meanwhile, some women who have come to this market to buy things asked the Islamic Emirate to provide work opportunities for women in the country. “We ask the Islamic Emirate to let women work, so that they stand on their own feet. Because there are women who do not have men in their family to work for them, that’s why they have to work,” said Mina, the head of the restaurant. According to officials, this market has a restaurant, a lawn, and more than 30 shops managed by women. Every day, women go here to make purchases. This market covers an area of around 20 acres and was constructed at the personal expense of 50 million afghani.